ODT Watch | Issue 5

ODT Watch | Issue 5

The team over at the ODT spent most of the past week dishing out some truly fantastic advice about a range of social issues. First up, they have a whole new family violence avoidance plan Ö

Thatís right, if you canít stop them beating people, then, um, beat them Ö
They followed up this pearl of wisdom with coverage of some seriously ground-breaking research at our very own University. Apparently (and Critic is far from convinced) if you drink less alcohol, youíll feel better the next day. Fascinating:

The ODT finished off their advice for the week with two stunners. Firstly, they questioned the acceptability of spraying foam over underage children. Criticís going to say no to that one.

And then, a little tip for the orally inclined:

And lastly, the ODT royal watch team managed to include the ChCh earthquake and the Queen in the same piece, a massive coup. Critic is shocked that the Queen isnít getting involved in this one:

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2012.
Posted 4:26pm Sunday 25th March 2012 by Staff Reporter.