Issue 3, 2018


'Health Sci Bible' Causes Controversy
Black Caps Hold Down The Fortress
Critic Interviews Green MP Julie Anne Genter
Critic Interviews Green MP Marama Davidson
Landlord Mike Harbott rented “unliveable” flats, ignored Tenancy Tribunal rulings, and has not paid the ordered compensation
Law Camp Cancelled Amidst a Media Frenzy
Opinion: Are We Making Excuses for Inappropriate Behaviour?
OUSA Prez: Does the University Really Care About Student Opinion?
Rule Change Means Students No Longer Lose Marks for Helping Others Cheat
We Crashed the Prime Minister's Tea Party


Can Assuming Bogan Characteristics Enhance Performance While Surfing? A Scientific Expedition
Le Tour de Goon
Sleep Paralysis - it's fucking terrifying


A weekly review of every single bloody Adam Sandler film: Pixels
Auntie Kell and Mumma Zo
Critic Blind Date
Dr Mike
Food Review: Sealord Canned Tuna
For a Building, UniPol Is Looking Super Judgy Right Now
Hilarious Lad Comments “Is This the One You Told Us About?” On Mate’s New Facebook Friendship
Is this the ODT's worst ever headline pun?
Man Left Embarrassed After Yet Again Failing to Find the Vagina
Mature Student Has an Interesting Life Story to Share With All 200 People in Lecture
Stop Pretending You Like Guiness
The Critical Tribune
What's up with Otago students and stealing road signs?


Baynk: Just a Kid Trying to Escape Chemical Engineering
Big Ass Burgers for Big Ass Bois (and Gurls)
Millie Lovelock on Her New Single, 'Beneath the Visible Surface'
The Studylink Hold Music Playlist Is Fire

11th March 2018