No Fines for Lawn Litter

Posted 3:23pm Sunday 25th July 2021 by Fox Meyer

A proposed change to the Code of Conduct would have made it possible for the Uni to fine you for having a littered front lawn. The University didn’t go through with that change after receiving negative feedback from students, releasing their response on 10 July. Ultimately, the University Read more...

Wife Guy, Luthier, Doctor, Dean: Meet Your New Vice-Chancellor, David Murdoch

Posted 10:53am Tuesday 13th July 2021 by Erin Gourley

Professor David Murdoch has many hats on his plate to juggle.  He’s still working in clinical practice for the Canterbury DHB, and he’s still the Dean of Otago’s Christchurch Campus. He’s a pathologist, a career that has recently become very relevant and interesting Read more...

Somethingís Amish: I became Amish to see whether it is possible for Amish people to study at Otago

Posted 1:15pm Tuesday 13th July 2021 by Asia Martusia King

I have always admired the Amish. When I made bread in lockdown, it ignited a pastoral flame within my loins. I began to dream of sheep and buggies, of giant beards and shucking corn. With these scenes of a simple life in mind, I decided to try following the Ordnung — the set of rules for Amish Read more...

Otago Uniís Printing Costs the Highest in the Country

Posted 10:18pm Saturday 13th March 2021 by Denzel Chung

Students feeling the pain of forking out for yet another printing credit top-up can finally validate their hurt and trauma: Otago’s student printing costs are the highest of all Aotearoa’s universities. This year, Uniprint has hiked student’s printing costs by a staggering 33% Read more...

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dorm: Investigating Campus Superstitions

Posted 2:21pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Asia Martusia King

Otago University is the mysterious old crone of tertiary education. Many spooky stories lie within her walls. She squats in her rocking chair and cackles ominously, regaling dementia-ridden urban legends and superstitions to gossipy students who love a bit of tea. Superstitions are beliefs that Read more...

Anonymous Threat: Campus Will Remain Open

Posted 7:21pm Tuesday 6th October 2015 by Josie Cochrane

The University of Otago will remain open tomorrow as police investigate an anonymous gun threat made towards the Dunedin campus.  The original post was made on Monday 5 October 2015 via social media site 4chan, an online bulletin board where users can anonymously post comments and Read more...

Anonymous Threats at Vic and Otago

Posted 1:23pm Wednesday 7th October 2015 by Josie Cochrane

At the University of Otago, class attendance is down by at least 50 percent today, following a gun-related threat. Otago University Students' Association (OUSA) "absolutely support" the university's decision to remain open. OUSA CEO Debbie Downs says, “If you close today, Read more...

Auckland Trumps Otago for the Second Year

Posted 10:51am Sunday 20th September 2015 by Laura Munro

The University of Otago has been named as the only university in New Zealand whose worldwide ranking has dropped since 2014 in the QS world university rankings. In the recently released QS world university rankings, Otago was ranked at 173; this dropped from the 2014 ranking of 159. Otago has Read more...

Paralysed After Commerce Building Accident

Posted 10:41am Sunday 6th September 2015 by Joe Higham

The University of Otago must pay $60,000 to a woman left permanently disabled after slipping on tiling in the Commerce Building. In June 2013 Katherine Casey fractured her spine and pelvis in three places after slipping on the building’s tiles. Casey later sued the university and it Read more...

Blackboard Blocked after Student Falsely Accused

Posted 10:53am Sunday 19th July 2015 by Laura Munro

A University of Otago student is taking matters into his own hands after feeling he has been wronged by the university’s proctor. The student, who wishes not to be named, was given a fine and had access to his online course resources suspended for a week after Campus Watch officers Read more...

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