Critic Breaks Down the OUSA Presidential Debate

Posted 12:58am Friday 13th September 2019

Are Jack, Will and Sam the characters from a boring nursery rhyme? No, they’re the OUSA presidential candidates for 2020. It was repeatedly brought up that Jack Manning, Will Moffett, and Sam Purchas were “stale, pale, and male” during the daytime presidential forum - mostly by the Read more...

More Tenants Come Forward With Landlords Trying to Rent Boarding Houses on Illegal Contracts

Posted 12:43am Friday 6th September 2019

The problem of landlords trying to rent boarding houses on fixed-term leases is widespread, with three tenants telling Critic that they realised they were living in a boarding house after reading our boarding house article last week. One tenant told us that she lived in a boarding house in 2018 Read more...

Second Year Law Exam Timetable Mix-Up Creates 24 Hours of Panic

Posted 12:42am Friday 6th September 2019

Second-year law students were shocked to find all of their exams scheduled within one week when the exam timetable was released on the Tuesday of the break. “A lot of people lost their shit,” said one second-year student. The mix-up was quickly resolved after a barrage of complaints Read more...

DCC Candidates Commit to Student Pledges

Posted 11:53pm Thursday 29th August 2019

OUSA have released the seven local body election pledges they will ask candidates to sign. “Take that, Lee Vandervis,” said Bonnie Harrison, OUSA’s Finance Officer, as they announced the pledges. The OUSA pledges for DCC candidates are, in summary: To reinstate a one Read more...

Boarding Houses and Illegal Contracts: How a Dunedin Landlord Got Her Tenants to Pay Extra Rent

Posted 10:06pm Thursday 29th August 2019

Don’t you just hate it when your landlord emails to say that “your father is DISGUSTING PUTRID AND RUDE”? And accuses you of “RUDENESS, DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR, DISGUSTING MOCKING AND BULLY LAUGHING, RUNNING YOUR MOUTH 10000 MILES AN HOUR WITH BS”? That’s the kind of Read more...

Everyone Agrees Agnew Street Went Pretty Okay

Posted 10:56pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Students traversed freezing weather and hiked up a small hill to make it to the annual, un-ticketed Agnew Street Party. The party went ahead despite a steady temperature of 4°C and persistent rain. “You can’t deter Otago students,” said one of the organisers. An organiser Read more...

Students Volunteer For Fox River Rubbish Clean Up

Posted 8:58pm Sunday 4th August 2019

On the weekend of August 9-11, OUSA will send 74 staff and students to help with the Fox River clean up. They will contribute to the removal of “roughly 500 rugby fields worth of rubbish,” said OUSA President, James Heath. In March this year, flooding broke open a landfill near Fox Read more...

Mia Jay: What Itís Like to Build Your Own EP

Posted 8:27pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Mia Jay is a singer-songwriter and student. This year, as well as playing gigs around Dunedin and studying a full-time double degree in Music and Commerce, she independently released her first EP. No label or funding or manager; just her songs, her band, and a studio in Port Chalmers. Plus a Read more...

OUSA Will Introduce Candidate Pledges in Upcoming Local Body Election

Posted 4:22am Friday 26th July 2019

For this year’s local body election, OUSA will ask candidates to sign a pledge stating that they will commit to student-focused policies if elected. The policy pledges will cover rental standards, landlord regulation, BYO policy, climate change, public transport, and mental health services. Read more...


Posted 6:12pm Thursday 25th July 2019

My journey into the most sexually tense space on campus (the Science Library) begins with a catalogue search. Peering self-consciously around me, I wait until the coast was clear before typing “sex” into the library search computer on the third floor and then I dive into the Library of Read more...

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