Power Ranking the Dunedin News Splinter Groups

Posted 11:57pm Sunday 18th April 2021

Dunedin News, the original news group for Dunedinites, is infamous for its (il)liberal “you will be kicked out if the admin does not like you” policy. There is a strict list of offences that will get you kicked out, all of which are broadly interpreted by Daryl Taylor, the page’s Read more...

Why the Hyde Themes Were Removed From Event Page

Posted 9:32pm Sunday 18th April 2021

The list of Hyde themes was taken down from the event page after students raised concerns that some of the themes were offensive and inappropriate. In particular, students who spoke to Critic were concerned about the “Travellers and Gypsies” theme.  “It was a bit annoying Read more...

Clubs Might Get Funding for Food Instead of Just Sports

Posted 9:28pm Sunday 18th April 2021

OUSA is proposing to remove the divide between sports and cultural clubs at its upcoming Student General Meeting (SGM). Motion number five on the agenda is “that the Grants Policy be expanded to include some grants for food”. Academic and cultural clubs are pissed about the current Read more...

DCC Proposing to Delay Tertiary Precinct Upgrade

Posted 9:01pm Sunday 18th April 2021

The DCC’s draft ten year plan for 2021-2032 proposes to delay the tertiary precinct upgrade into the 2030s. In 2017, the DCC voted to spend $20 million during the 2018-2028 period upgrading the Tertiary Precinct. The plan would upgrade the streets with street art and bike lanes, to create Read more...

EDITORIAL: Sign Up Club Should Absolutely Not Take Over OUSA’s Meeting

Posted 8:42pm Sunday 18th April 2021

I repeat, Sign Up Club should NOT take over the OUSA Student General Meeting that is taking place on Wednesday 21 April at 12pm in Union Hall. It would be VERY BAD if Sign Up Club sent say a hundred members of their pyramid scheme, and their members voted as a bloc making up over 50% of the Read more...

Otago Tutors and Demonstrators Have Formed a “Network”

Posted 10:30pm Saturday 10th April 2021

Tutors and demonstrators at Otago Uni have formed a network aimed at getting better, and more consistent, pay rates. Spokesperson for the Otago Tutors and Demonstrators Network, Joshua James, said that the Network was started because “we've heard anecdotally many breaches of employment Read more...

Hyde Resident Concerned About Party’s Music Funding

Posted 10:07pm Saturday 10th April 2021

A Hyde resident was surprised to discover that OUSA does not fund the music or staging at the Hyde Street Party. Organising the DJs and music is left up to the residents. “Imagine the party without music,” Amelia said. “I was astounded.” OUSA’s CEO, Debbie Downs, Read more...

EDITORIAL: Harlene Certainly Left Her Mark on Otago

Posted 9:24pm Saturday 10th April 2021

Harlene left Otago a few weeks ago, but that was too early in the year for Critic Te Arohi to have our shit together. We’re writing about her legacy now.  Her exit was quiet. There’s not a lot of fanfare about Vice-Chancellors, despite the impact they have. The University Read more...

Studylink: Cancer Recovery Not a Valid Reason for Part-time Study

Posted 3:43pm Thursday 1st April 2021

An Otago student who is recovering from stage four cancer has not received living costs all year because Studylink declined his application for limited full-time status.  “I have a bit of savings but I’m chewing through that quickly,” said Bradley Jackson. He studies sports Read more...

14% Rise in Postgrad Enrolments at Otago

Posted 10:15pm Friday 26th March 2021

There are 14% more students doing postgraduate qualifications at Otago this year, in what has been termed “doing a panic masters”. The largest increase is in humanities students, with a 30.5% increase in the number of students doing masters from last year. Health Sciences masters Read more...

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