Director: Robert Schwentke

Rating: C+

I wanted to give Allegiant a chance, I swear. I walked into that cinema, illegal chips under jacket, with clean judgment and an open mind. Excited, if anything, to see director Robert Schwentke amend the travesty that was Insurgent. Alas.

Allegiant is the third installment to the American Science fiction series Divergent and I wish it was the last. Based on the books by Veronica Roth, the film follows Butch Katniss (aka Tris Prior aka Shailene Woodley) escape her apocalyptic, war torn city now named Chicago (I swear it wasn’t called that in any of the other films), and go beyond the wall with the help of Hot Crazy Eyes (aka Four aka Theo James) and Augustus Waters (aka Caleb Prior aka Ansel Elgort). Outside they encounter a brand new form of oppression and conspiracy (think 1999 Star Wars meets Mad Max) and must attempt to fight for their rights as equal human beings against the corrupt and creepy David (played by Jeff Daniels). Tris takes a bit of a back row seat in the action department on this one, leaving all the gnarly scenes to Four (disappointing), and allowing herself to be manipulated by David (bring back Kate Winslet pls!) until it’s all too late. 

This film was not very deep, though some aspects could arguably be seen as relatable. The animation was so outrageous and half assed, it vGranted, there were a few badass chicks who carried the story, but there were too many holes in the plot to take it seriously. I found myself constantly frowning, but more than that—laughing. It is a hilarious film. Please go watch it as a comedy and separate it from the first film because Divergent was great. They should have stopped there. 

There came a point where I started to really enjoy myself- I think it was early on about the time when Augustus Gloop (sorry Ansel) tried to run again. He was my favorite part. If you go, go to see him, its method acting at its Renaissance, and it means I cannot wait for the next one, even though this two-part thing grinds my gears beyond measure. 

So if you want running, guns, more running (youtube: Ansel Elgort explains why he runs silly), weird futuristic mum outfits and endless basic bitch tattoos, then this is the film for you! If you don’t like any of that stuff, go anyway. Because Ansel. 

This was just the worst film I have seen all year. Not even like so bad t’s good, it’s just…. Bad.

This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2016.
Posted 12:21pm Sunday 1st May 2016 by Jessica Thompson.