The All-Girl Band Making Waves in the New Dunedin Sound

Posted 6:36pm Thursday 4th October 2018

Lacuna consisted of three (now two), musicians Mackenzie Hollebon, Bexy Shingleton, and Grace Cook, who has recently left. After a short hiatus from their previous band The Burps, the girls returned to each other, forming Lacuna. After countless gigs in Dunedin, they are ready to release an EP and a Read more...

Who is Mommas Boy?

Posted 12:34am Friday 28th September 2018

An anonymous tagger known only as Mommas Boy has been leaving his mark all over North and Central Dunedin. Jess Thompson tracked him down.      The moral of meeting Mommas Boy: Never talk to your heroes.  A close friend of mine managed to get me in contact with the Read more...

How Breakaway Is Reinventing Dunedin Party Culture

Posted 9:51pm Thursday 6th September 2018

Breakaway is a collective lovingly put together by four creative individuals who are dedicated to putting on festival-spec parties and shows in Dunedin backyards, clubs, and renegade venues.  Born from the ashes of their dissatisfaction with Dunedin's nightlife, at their last big party Read more...

Indi: Life After Doprah

Posted 10:42pm Thursday 12th April 2018

Stumbling into the bathroom of the Cook a few weeks ago, I encountered a small woman dressed artistically in shreds of white material, holding a crown. It was like a scene from a dream, and I was prepared for her to say something incredibly prophetic to me, when I realised it was Indi, the performer Read more...

Sitting with Christian Tucker - Dunedin’s answer to Chance the Rapper

Posted 9:12pm Thursday 22nd March 2018

Christian Tucker is Dunedin’s answer to Chance the Rapper. That may seem like a radical claim, but the production quality, the lyrics and the performance on Tucker’s new album “Intro to Orange” leaves little to be asked for. The local poet performs weekly at the Dog With Two Read more...

Women You Should Know | Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Posted 10:46pm Thursday 15th March 2018

So a few months ago my flatmate started watching this mini-series on Netflix called “Juana Inés,” about a badass babe from San Miguel Nepantia, New Spain, with a serious flair for poetry and a habit for calling misogynistic men OUT. Imagine my glee when I turned to Google and Read more...

Millie Lovelock on Her New Single, 'Beneath the Visible Surface'

Posted 8:58pm Thursday 8th March 2018

She’s been gigging since she was 16. She’s an academic and a writer. She did her dissertation on One Direction and her thesis on Djuna Barnes. And some might say she’s one of the ultimate queens of the Dunedin music scene. Millie Lovelock won’t stop making music. With 11 Read more...

Ancient Greeks: We Disguised Ourselves as Freshers and Infiltrated the Toga Party.

Posted 6:16pm Saturday 3rd March 2018

‘Otago’ is one letter and a tiny word scramble away from ‘Toga’. Taking this as a prophetic sign, we sent two Critic writers who are way too old for this shit to coat their baggy eyes with foundation, rip up some sheets, and brave the iconic event that is the Toga Read more...

Jonathan Waters: Graffiti on the Fringe of Society

Posted 4:48pm Saturday 3rd March 2018

Jonathan Waters began drawing in early childhood. With a love for basketball cards and Pokémon (he used to create his own original Pokémon), he kept at his passion and polished his craft in the cultural wasteland of Ashburton, where he lived until he was 18. After an extensive Read more...

Jeeves and Wooster

Posted 4:09pm Saturday 24th February 2018

If you're after a show to drag an uncultured mate to, look no further. Jeeves and Wooster is the perfectly polished show for you! I’m relieved and delighted to say this show was actually funny (my expectations were low due to high school productions and Read more...

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