ODT Watch | Issue 4

ODT Watch | Issue 4

Stop and Pop

Being a guy used to be easy, but now itís the year of the man bun, the hot lumberjack and manscaping.

Stop, pop and roll! Nothing like a good NZ Breakers Basketball/Savage remix of a great club banger.


In another story featuring dodgy hospital treatment, this poor chap fell from an operation table while being transferred to a bed after a hip operation. Perhaps itís time for the staff gym club to focus more on arms than legs.

It seems that the foreign language known as teenage text has risen to a new level, with the TeenAg farming competition seemingly also murdering the English language.

Think this is just a normal Saturday night house party on Castle Street? Iím afraid not; the party of 400 moved to the town of Otematata for a family reunion, and apparently it was an absolute ripper.
Take note, Scarfies.
This article first appeared in Issue 4, 2015.
Posted 2:32pm Sunday 15th March 2015 by Steph Taylor.