ODT Watch | Issue 14

ODT Watch | Issue 14

Someone Else’s Idea of Journalism

Now, now, ODT. We know you represent New Zealand’s farmers, but this headline describes a speech given at St. Margaret’s College:

New thinking urged to combat China's influence

Ever resourceful, the “Opinion” section is forging a new route for print media at large with the informatively entitled rant:

Elaborate explanations and dramatic outrage

Meanwhile, our favourite paper is gutted that the international war policy of “kill only women” has come to an abrupt halt in the turmoil of Iraq:

Boys among Iraqi dead

But at least the entire reason anyone goes to Queenstown is well understood:

>Queenstown. Huge hole could be filled

Speaking of travel, if you were looking at enjoying a holiday abroad, you can take the Philippines off your list. The ODT has kindly reminded us that it is

Someone else's idea of paradise

Finally, even the ODT isn’t deluded about the state of Dunedin’s upcoming council elections:

Loo announces council candidacy
This article first appeared in Issue 14, 2013.
Posted 6:05pm Sunday 7th July 2013 by Zane Pocock.