Daily Grind | Issue 05

Daily Grind | Issue 05

The Fix

Many of you caffiends may be familiar with The Fix café on Frederick Street, but you may surprised to find there is a hidden kiosk in the Centre for Innovation – the large mirrored building that you check your outfit in on your way to class. It’s a small kiosk with the same outdoor tables as St David café, but for some reason it seems to work in this space-age building. The option of outdoor seating is a great opportunity to sneakily spy on your science lecturers.

When reviewing this joint, G and M invited their friend “GC” to get a better gauge of their barista abilities. This little stall in the corner of the ground floor has a lot to offer. The Fix kiosk has some awesome little treats on tap – Lindt balls, gum, and biscotti that’s bigger than your ex-boyfriend. What more could you want?

The service here is just phenomenal. M and G (and guest-star GC) were greeted by a friendly blonde at the counter, and were astounded by her service. She provided excellent chat and when she forgot to put cinnamon on M’s capp she replaced it with a new coffee – what a champ. We thought there were no good people left in the world.

G was pleased to be able to use her Radio One card for a free size upgrade and that she could use her Fix loyalty card at both the Centre for Innovation and Frederick Street locations. Usually M finds large coffees a little bit like doing the milk challenge but deemed this free upsize worthwhile.

Although the Fix isn’t the cheapest way to nab a cup of joe, they are bloody consistent and consistency is key in judging a café. Another plus with the Fix is the quickfire service when you’re in a hurry.

Before a stressful exam last year M wandered around a few cafés in a daze looking for a coffee that was just right. Searching for a caffeinated elixir to bring him back to life he trotted past the Fix to get a long black and a biscotti to take back to his damp flat. This black magic gave him new life. For anyone giving The Fix a go, we would seriously recommend getting a long black and their signature biscotti. It will change you.

Service, warmth, atmosphere, and people-watching potential; The Fix has it all. You can buy their beans on site for the home barista, but we recommend stopping by the Fix on a cold day for some coffee care.

Location: Ground floor of the Centre for Innovation

4/5 Coffee Cups

This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2013.
Posted 6:30pm Sunday 24th March 2013 by M and G.