Daily Grind | Issue 19

Daily Grind | Issue 19

Hunter Café

Rating: 3/5

After reading in Critic’s facts and figures section that drinking two to four coffees per day decreases your risk of committing suicide by 50 per cent, M and G’s first thought was “of course – you’d be getting so much done,” and second thought was that with Dunedin’s general gloom increasing their own suicidal tendencies, they’d better head out to get their next hit at Hunter Café.

This café is nestled deep in the corner of the Hunter Centre – the health science students’ version of the Link. This café is essentially a carbon copy of St Davids café, but with slightly more toned-down staff and the welcome addition of soup and hot chips.

The biggest plus of this joint is their regular student-friendly deals. Currently they are offering 50 cents off all hot drinks during winter (note: this ends 30 August, so get amongst the free shots asap). They also share a stamp card with St Daves, and by filling this out you can get yourself a free lunch at the Union food court (Union Grill FTW).

Be warned: between 1pm and 2pm the place is frothing with uni staff and med kids itching for a pie after a tedious tute. M and G recommend visiting during off-peak hours.

Hunter Centre has the same criminal single-shot standard coffee that all uni cafés have, but although their brews are kind of like heated up coffee-flavoured Primo, they do the job. Make sure to add in those extra shots, because a morning brew of piss-weak swill isn’t helping anyone.

Taking into consideration how chill the staff are and the undeniably good deals, Hunter has an added edge over other middle-of-the-road cafés.
This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2013.
Posted 2:29pm Sunday 11th August 2013 by M and G.