Daily Grind | Issue 24

Daily Grind | Issue 24

Mou Very

Rating: 5/5

Mou Very / Mou Bar / The Smallest Bar In The World (or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays) is a back alley hot-spot nestled between Hikari Sushi bar and Café Nesli on George Street. Mou Very roasts its own beans on site daily and has a range of awesome beer and spirits on hand.

Thankfully, the alleyway comes complete with both heating and seating. Less enjoyably, Mou Very shares this alleyway with Hikari and Chilli Planet, and is the only way to get to their respective bathrooms. If all you want is to enjoy your coffee in peace, it is easy to get tired of drunken freshers clambering over your legs on the way to take a leak. Conversely, if you’re at Chilli Planet and busting you will have to awkwardly dodge past the alty, late-night Mou crowd, and risk getting heckled on the way.

Mou Very recently ran into a bit of trouble with the authorities for not selling enough food alongside their alcoholic bevvies. You can easily buy slices, a cheese roll, or a toastie, however, and the barista is only too willing to inform you that you are welcome to purchase food from neighbouring eateries and eat them at Mou Very. He certainly seems to rate Surfin’ Slices – the menu is even pinned up on the café wall.

M is always impressed by the café’s layout. The back section is open and sports both a table and a few low-slung chairs that just beg you to enjoy a sneaky cig with your long black as you sit with your pals and talk about Otis Redding and the like.

The freshly roasted beans make for a clean, crisp long black, which you can order takeaway from the kiosk style servery on your way to town.
This article first appeared in Issue 24, 2013.
Posted 1:47pm Sunday 22nd September 2013 by M and G.