Daily Grind | Issue 21

Daily Grind | Issue 21

The Good Earth

Rating: 5/5

Living in North Dunedin, it is sometimes hard to remember that not every street is littered with broken TVs and patches of vomit. Thankfully, The Good Earth provides a brief respite from everyday life, and can be found right around the corner from Scarfie-ville.

Located on the corner of Cumberland and St David Streets, The Good Earth is the perfect place to freshen up after the dustiness of the Science Library or meet someone for a coffee between lectures.

The Good Earth, with its mostly organic menu and fair trade Strictly Coffee beans, will sort you out in no time. The baristas and other staff are top notch: M has seen them pumping out high quality coffee at a rate of knots at peak times. As well as their incredible work ethic, these baristas are well known for their friendly service. All food sampled by M and G has been delish, but it’s definitely in the pricey range for students. If you’re short of a penny, your best bet is to jog on up to the two-four on George St.

The seating situation in The Good Earth earns definite brownie points with M. Through some kind of witchcraft, the café has ample seating both inside and out, and almost every table catches some of dat sweet sweet Dunedin sun.

The sun-drenched internal décor, complete with many a jar of preserves or fresh flowers, will definitely brighten up a dull Dunedin day, and the sneaky outdoor area is essentially a sauna in summer – you’ll have to resist the urge to sunbathe topless in this wee savannah.

M and G highly rate the coffee at The Good Earth and haven’t had a bad bite to eat. Come with a loaded wallet on a sunny day and you won’t regret it.
This article first appeared in Issue 21, 2013.
Posted 3:48pm Sunday 1st September 2013 by M and G.