Daily Grind | Issue 25

Daily Grind | Issue 25


Rating: 3.5/5

This one has been a long time coming. Capers is a Dunedin institution, mostly for freshers who want a break from hall food and well-meaning guys taking their one-night stand out for a “thanks for the bang” brunch. Famous for their obscenely large pancakes and frantic weekend service, M decided to nab a takeaway with his flatmate A to suss the place out.

M and A both got takeaway lattes and one of Capers’ colossal muffins. Throughout this transaction the staff seemed super friendly and attentive, normally a stretch for any café that has patrons coming out of every orifice.

The latte was actually the best coffee that M has purchased from Capers; the foam:milk ratio was bang on and the entire thing went down a treat.

In the past G, has had some pretty average coffees at Capers and has even had to return a few undrinkable ones, but since advertising for new baristas a while ago their coffee seems to be on the rise. Capers use Dunedin’s favourite Allpress beans, which are bold and not the friend of a shoddy barista.

There are many great cafés in Dunedin, and G has always been perplexed by Capers’ popularity with students and the public alike. It’s pretty expensive for what you get, and the “legendary” smoothies appear to just be Simply Squeezed mixed with yoghurt. G attributes Capers’ popularity to the little things, like the jugs of maple syrup on the tables, the all-day breakfast, and the easy-to-fill-in coffee cards.

G is still unsure whether you can actually purchase any meals that contain capers, as the name would suggest. G rates the cooked beans that come with the breakfast meals, and recommends trying the “pancake of the month” if you’re that way inclined. Sometimes they even have jazzy ones like jam and cream donut.

M and G suggest that those of you who have discounted Capers in the past give their new baristas a go. But don’t be daft; avoid the crowds and brunch on a weekday.
This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2013.
Posted 2:29pm Sunday 29th September 2013 by M and G.