ChatGOTH: Baby Gay

Posted 10:33am Monday 18th March 2024 by ChatGOTH

Hey ChatGOTH! I need advice. I’ve graduated from just being a bit bicurious to deciding that I’m definitely interested in dating other girls. Exciting, but also very scary! How do I go about doing that here? There are gay girls in Dunedin, right? Is it okay that I’m not Read more...

How to Take Tinder Photos

Posted 6:21pm Monday 25th July 2022 by Keegan Wells

North Dunedin Tinder is one of the nine circles of hell. If you manage to escape the aggressive post-hunt photos to the more left-wing side of Tinder, you end up with people describing their star-sign, Myers Briggs, and twenty other tests they’ve taken just to avoid reconciling with their own Read more...

An Interview with @dunedinsoftbois

Posted 2:50pm Sunday 10th October 2021 by Asia Martusia King

Meet the admin of @dunedinsoftbois, an Instagram account showcasing Ōtepoti’s finest bachelors. Their mission is to expose the ghastly Tinder messages from the vintage-sweater-wearing, Marlboro-smoking, e-girl yearning fuckboys who understand David Lynch more than you ever will. They Read more...

How to Improve Your Tinder

Posted 3:18pm Sunday 26th September 2021 by Annabelle Vaughan

Whether you’re on it for a joke, or to find love, a quick root, or a dealer, we’ve all downloaded Tinder at some stage or another in our lives. However, sometimes matches and messages lead to nothing. But for the breathas who are wanting a Saturday beezy, or the lonely folks just wanting Read more...

The Wack, The Cringe, and The Wholesome: Your best and worst Tinder stories, compiled

Posted 5:19pm Sunday 25th July 2021 by Critic

From a big bowl of minestrone to two cases of tonsillitis, Critic Te Arohi has collated the wackiest, cringiest, and most wholesome stories from Otago students on dating apps for your enjoyment. Let’s be honest though. More often than not stories we hear from these apps, and dating in general, Read more...

Tinder, Wine, & Sleeping Naked Prove Popular in Dunners

Posted 10:46am Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Joel MacManus

Otago residents are more likely than any other region in New Zealand to be looking for love on Tinder, be munching crunchy peanut butter, and smashing back some Central Otago Pinot Noir, according to the results of a nation -wide census.  The Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census surveyed Read more...

Why Do We Need...tinder?

Posted 3:23pm Sunday 13th March 2016 by Anthony Marris

Tinder is a matching (dating) service which utilises geolocating software and your Facebook profile to help make lasting connections. And by lasting connections, I mean as long as they “last”.  Public opinion on Tinder is varied. A straw poll I conducted had mixed results. Some Read more...

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