Tinder, Wine, & Sleeping Naked Prove Popular in Dunners

Tinder, Wine, & Sleeping Naked Prove Popular in Dunners

Otago residents are more likely than any other region in New Zealand to be looking for love on Tinder, be munching crunchy peanut butter, and smashing back some Central Otago Pinot Noir, according to the results of a nation
-wide census. 

The Vogel’s Big Little Kiwi Census surveyed 23,000 New Zealanders up and down the country on everything from their preferred way to eat toast to the greatest NZ song of all time (Slice of Heaven by Dave Dobbyn if you’re wondering). 

Dunedinites stood out from the crowd on a number of categories. We’re significantly more likely to binge our TV than watch it weekly. We’re more likely than the rest of the country to be dog people as opposed to cat people, something which is backed up by DCC registration figures; Dunedin consistently ranks among the higher rate of dog registration per capita. We’re also less likely than anywhere else in the country to know the location of both of our jandals. 

The South Island as a whole found that the Irish accent was the sexiest in the world, while the North Island, with all their coffee-drinking metropolitan elites, preferred the French accent. 

Local pride stood out on a few of the answers given. For example, 14.7 percent of Otago respondents thought St Clair was the best beach in the country, despite it not even ranking on the national level. The aforementioned affinity for local wines also stood out, with Dunedin showing very little interest in quaffing Marlborough Sav. 

One where Dunedin surprisingly did not differ from the rest of the country was sleeping naked vs. with pyjamas. Despite the cool southern temperatures, 39 percent of us sleep naked, slightly above the national average of 38 percent. We also ranked in line with the nation as a whole when it came to being an Early Bird of a Night Owl. Apparently the student attitude of constant all nighters and sleeping through 10am lectures because they’re too early hasn’t rubbed off on the rest of the city. 

This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2017.
Posted 10:46am Sunday 23rd April 2017 by Joel MacManus.