Frisbee Fanatics Fantastically Finish First

Posted 12:06pm Monday 18th September 2023

Toroa, one of the two Otago Ultimate Frisbee teams, took home first place at the national tertiary championships a couple weeks ago on the 2-3 of September. Hoiho, the secondary Otago team, moved up in the ranks from previous years, landing 7th place overall.    Critic Te Ārohi Read more...

Tramping Club Gets Sick

Posted 12:38pm Monday 11th September 2023

As many students ventured home over the mid-sem break, 45 members of the Otago University Tramping Club (OUTC) took a bus to the West Coast for their annual Copland Trip. Now they all (well, most of them) have Covid.    “You, about 20 others, and counting got Covid from the Read more...

A Guide to the Night Sky: Existential Crises Have Never Been So Accessible

Posted 6:47pm Sunday 9th October 2022

The night sky is like your lectures: you catch yourself saying “I should go look at that sometime” and rarely actually follow up. However, this article is not here to tell you to watch your lectures. Lectures cost around a box and a half ($35) apiece if you’re a domestic student, Read more...

Annual Awards Affair Airs Astounding Achievements

Posted 2:24pm Sunday 2nd October 2022

The annual Blues and Golds awards night was held last Wednesday, with a veritable swag of student achievements (outside of the standard uni grind) being celebrated.  Awards were handed out for community service (Silver Service Awards), sporting achievements (Blue Awards) and arts Read more...

Cone Stealing

Posted 8:17pm Sunday 18th September 2022

Ah, the road cone. The orange trumpet, the witch’s hat, the tradie’s funnel. Whatever you want to call it, it serves an important purpose within society: allowing drunk students to commit a (mostly) victimless crime and be creative with interior decorating. Except it’s mostly Read more...

Merino Muster Marathon Mastered by Muscle and Malcholol

Posted 7:37pm Sunday 18th September 2022

Ian Hardenbergh, an international student from Colorado, came second in his age group and third overall out of 200 competitors at the Merino Muster cross country ski race at Snow Farm. The race was 42km long, and he only stopped at 18km to yak and felt “much better after”. How does such Read more...

How Many Hats Would A Hat Guy Post If A Hat Guy Could Post Hats?

Posted 4:46pm Friday 19th August 2022

Daniel [@end_my_lyth], a local student and self described “not really a hat guy” has been putting hats on his head and taking photos of them for the past 2,000 days and posting them to Instagram. Like all bad things, it began in high school with his acquaintance posting a photo of a Read more...

(Inter-regional) Rail Me Daddy

Posted 3:25pm Friday 19th August 2022

The Government’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee has opened an inquiry into “the future of inter-regional passenger rail in Aotearoa”, hoping to investigate whether trains could play a bigger role in intercity transport. And yes, this means a debauched winter booze train Read more...

Aussie Skateboarder First in World To Hill-Bomb Baldwin

Posted 1:32pm Monday 15th August 2022

On August 1, Zak Mills-Goodwin became the first ever person to bomb Baldwin Street on a skateboard. He thinks he managed to hit speeds of 70km/h, but didn’t want to confirm anything on the record since speed limits can still be broken on skateboards.  Zak, an Australian, has been doing Read more...

Opinion: International Students Deserve More Scholarships

Posted 7:48pm Friday 5th August 2022

International students pay around five times as much as domestic students and don’t receive first year fees free. Yes, the government partially subsidises university fees, including fees free, and international students or their parents have not been paying taxes to the government, so it makes Read more...

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