I Went To A Men’s Rights Summit And They Tried To Recruit Me

Posted 11:39pm Thursday 16th May 2019

Why would anyone go to a men’s summit, in an age of online self help videos and feminism, let alone bother to host one? Critic decided it would be fun to try and find out what happens at these meetings, but as it turns out there was very little fun to be had. What follows is the gruelling true Read more...

Big Hits: Critic Tackles Super Rugby

Posted 9:00pm Thursday 9th May 2019

Fucking bagpipes. We walk past an ominous circle of tartan, practising on the tarmac like something out of Children of Men. “Jump in,” Amber the contracted PR person for the fast food restaurant says. Okay. We hop on the back of a modified golf buggy shaped like a chicken bucket. It Read more...

Going Hard: The Rowing Club’s Paralympian Programme

Posted 7:09pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Down at the waterfront, where the University Rowing Club has monopolised the OUSA aquatic centre, every Monday evening an elite group of athletes push themselves to their limits and go beyond. “Special Olympics are more about doing it, rather than the result,” Glen, the manager of the Read more...

Straight Out the Oven Cooked: King REX

Posted 9:09pm Thursday 25th April 2019

The first time I saw King REX play live was at Inch Bar. The thing about Inch Bar is that I haven’t been to many good gigs there. Most of my memories of the venue are of sitting around, bored out of my mind, as greying men pluck away at ukuleles haphazardly and beat congas halfheartedly. King Read more...

Students to Watch | Zoë Hayes and Anna Hendry – Rape Crisis

Posted 2:13am Friday 5th April 2019

Zoë Hayes and Anna Hendry both wear a lot of hats. They both maintain a busy workload as they work towards their respective Masters degrees. They also work at Rape Crisis. Anna’s role is that of financial administrator. She’s studying full time towards her Master in Applied Read more...

High-Profile Prisoner and Legal Advocate Arthur Taylor Allegedly Declined From Studying Law at Otago

Posted 10:29pm Thursday 28th March 2019

Ex-convict and self-styled jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor has told Critic that his plan to study Law at Otago was derailed by the new University of Otago Faculty of Law Dean. He told Critic he is now preparing to continue his studies extramurally at the University of Auckland. Taylor told Critic Read more...

White Fence - For the Recently Found Innocent

Posted 12:53am Monday 18th August 2014

Rating: B- Gentle, psychedelic rock music with some great guitar moments – the penultimate track “Raven on White Cadillic” really shines. Frontman Tim Presley sounds like a world-weary Syd Barrett, nightingale-singing through a warm, beautifully mastered mix. However, as a whole, For Read more...

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