Harder than it needed to be: Obtaining Viagra

Posted 2:30pm Sunday 20th March 2022

For those of you keen to give casual Viagra a go, be aware that – much like in daily life – if you don’t have a dick, things are gonna be hard. Allegedly, Viagra is available over the counter at pharmacies, but there's a catch. Just like most high-level positions in government, Read more...

Some Stuff not Known About KnowYourStuffNZ

Posted 1:17pm Sunday 20th March 2022

KnowYourStuffNZ does not test for purity. They test for presence of a substance, and that’s what they report. The misconception that KYSNZ tests for purity is apparently rife amongst both students and our own Critic staff members. It may seem like a small difference (presence vs. purity), Read more...

Dunedinís Zine Scene:

Posted 1:10pm Sunday 13th March 2022

Zines are a popular, ever-growing trend which has recently found a place in the Dunedin scene. Short for “magazine”, Google tells us that a “zine” is “a small-circulation of self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via a copy Read more...

Weird and wonderful ideas for when youíre stuck on your next hosting sesh

Posted 4:57pm Sunday 6th March 2022

Throwing parties is hard. It requires lots of planning, and induces plenty of anxiety. You find yourself thinking: Will people come? Will they have fun? Will people think my idea is cool and original? Or will it be boring and will I be socially outcast forever?  Never fear, Critic is here! Read more...

The Online World of Fake Psychics

Posted 3:51pm Sunday 6th March 2022

As I’m sure we all know, the internet is a lawless wasteland, and of that lawless wasteland, Facebook is undoubtedly the Wild West. Traders on Marketplace asking for used diapers; updates from unhinged family members; more scammers than you can wave a stick at. Not only are these scammers Read more...

New ID Cards: Frothed by Freshers, Loathed by Most

Posted 2:38pm Sunday 27th February 2022

The Uni has made big changes to enhance ID card security in 2022, bringing in a new, “minimalist,” overwhelmingly white design. Our informal survey suggested almost everyone hates it - with the notable exception of first-years, who don’t know any better. After the Proctor raised Read more...

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