Which Study Spot Are You?

Which Study Spot Are You?

1. It’s a Thursday night. What are you doing?

a.             Getting wasted and heading to a gig 

b.             Studying 

c.              Working at your shitty part time job 

d.              Having mediocre sex 


2. What’s your coffee order?

a.              Oat milk iced latte 

b.             Long black 

c.              Flat white 

d.              Mocha 


4) What’s your relationship status?

a.             Strictly hookups 

b.             In love with your best mate 

c.              Steady relo 

d.              Situationship 


5) What do you do in lectures?

a.              Talk in the back and scroll Instagram 

b.             Listen?

c.              Make overly detailed notes of content you don’t understand 

d.              Argue with the lecturer 


6) It’s Saturday. What substance is your go to?

a.             Part Time Rangers 

b.             Bottle of Pinot Gris 

c.              Gear 

d.              Red wine and a joint 


7) Your friends would describe you as 

a.              Basic 

b.             Responsible 

c.              Emotional 

d.              Woke 


8) You ask the DJ to queue a song. What is it?

a.              Rio by Netsky 

b.             An ABBA hit 

c.               A Pitbull hit

d.              Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac (because kids these days don’t appreciate real music) 


9) It’s lunch time. You have what?

a.              Sushi station 

b.             You make lunch at home because you are fiscally responsible 

c.               Campus Shop Pie and Vape 

d.              A sandwich from Dispensary 


10) You have been given an assignment. It’s due in three weeks, when do you do it?

a.              Before the weekend so you can get wasted, guilt free 

b.             ASAP 

c.               The night before 

d.              You scrap the assignment instructions and write your own opinion. You hand it in late.


Mostly As: Central Library 

If you selected mostly As, your preferred study spot is Central Library. You are the pinnacle of basic and unoriginal. You are either a basic white girl from Auckland or a fresher. Your days are spent scrolling through Tik Tok and over-highlighting notes, not that you actually pay attention to the content. You talk loudly and only travel in packs with the rest of your friends. 


Mostly Bs: The Top Part of St Daves

If you selected mostly Bs, your study spot is the top half of St Daves. You are studious, responsible and are a big night owl. You crave academic validation, and actually do all the required readings. You have a few close friends, but not a big circle, and you aren’t too big on partying either. Instead, you prefer to watch the weekend debauchery from your study spot. Just know your hard work will pay off. 


Mostly Cs: Business School 

If you selected mostly Cs, your study spot is the Business school. While it’s bougie, you are not. Chances are you’re a breatha scraping through a BCom, or are a preppy asshole who takes themselves way too seriously. You live a simple life, often filled with drugs, DnB and drinking. You came here for a good time, not an education, and think everything is a bit ceebs. 


Mostly Ds: A Hipster Cafe

If you selected mostly Ds, your study spot is a hipster cafe. This is because you are too cool for campus, and think the coffee here is revolting. Instead, you prefer to read your classic novels and write your essays in the solitary confinement of a window seat in a George street cafe. You are either vegan or only eat organic food, because Big Dairy is your enemy. Your ideal social gathering is a wine and cheese, followed by a Maryjane sesh at your mates house. You probably collect crystals. 

This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2021.
Posted 2:12am Monday 9th August 2021 by Critic.