Where were you conceived?

Posted 5:38pm Sunday 25th July 2021 by Critic

You can tell a lot about a person based on where they cum from. Go through these questions and select as many answers as you feel apply to you, and then total the score. For example, if answers 1, 2, and 4 applied to you, you’d score 7 for that question. Get out your calculator, and Read more...

What do MEN know about MENstruation?

Posted 12:01am Monday 24th May 2021 by Fox Meyer

Men don’t talk much about periods. Some think women wear tampons all the time “just in case”. Most think the pad sticks to the inside of your thighs. The idea of talking about periods seems to make men instantly flustered. We took to the streets and designed a little competition. Read more...

What RTD Are You?

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 16th May 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

Question One: Best place to buy booze? Liquorland SuperLiquor New World Centre City Henry’s Big Barrel    Question Two: What’s the best budget pizza? Pepperoni Hawaiian Beef and Onion Vege trio  Cheesy Garlic   Question Read more...

What Conspiracy Theory Are You?

Posted 3:51pm Sunday 9th May 2021 by Elliot Weir

1 - What is your favourite Wii Sports sport? a.             Bowling b.             Read more...

What MicroGenre Are You?

Posted 7:43pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Sophia Carter Peters

1 - What Radio station do you most identify with? a.              I’m more of a podcast person b.             ZM or The Read more...

What Dunedin Street Litter Are You?

Posted 6:34pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Fox Meyer

A single sock. Ciggie butts. The natural landscape of Dunedin is rich with treasures. They say “you are what you eat,” but also “you are what you throw away.” Bins overflowing with torn black rubbish bags. Noodles, spilled like entrails from a corpse. Bits of rubber and Read more...

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Field Trips of Otago Uni

Posted 4:35pm Sunday 28th March 2021 by Sean Gourley

Critic asked students about the highs and lows of their University field trips over the years. We sorted through the field trips, past and present, and compiled this choose your own adventure, so students with boring degrees that don’t involve field trips can find out what life is like outside Read more...

Which Antidepressant Are You?

Posted 2:54pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Sophia Carter Peters

1. What is your preferred method of escapism?  a.             Online shopping (1) b.              Poetry Read more...

Which Uni Building Are You?

Posted 1:29pm Sunday 14th March 2021 by Elliot Weir

1. How old are you?  a.             A literal baby (1) b.             A teenager (2) c.             Early 20s Read more...

What Coping Mechanism Are You?

Posted 11:23pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Sophia Carter Peters

How long have you been in Dunedin? a.              Less than 2 years                      Read more...

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