Transmasculine periods: Men bleed monthly, too

Posted 5:19pm Saturday 21st May 2022

CW: Discussions of bottom dysphoria, period dysphoria, and medical transphobia  The landscape in which we consider periods is slowly changing. The taboo that has surrounded menstruation for centuries is lifting. More period care products are widely available, commercials show red blood, and Read more...

Record-Breaking Turnout for UniQ’s Inaugural MS Paint Competition

Posted 1:34pm Saturday 14th May 2022

For Art Week, UniQ teamed up with Art Club to host a painting competition. Well, a Microsoft Paint competition anyway. In a beautiful and rather wholesome twist, all four people who entered came out winners. UniQ, Otago’s resident club for members of the LGBTQ+ community, decided that 2022 Read more...

If These Walls Could Talk

Posted 1:56pm Sunday 8th May 2022

The Otago Uni Campus contains a remarkably anachronistic blend of architectural styles and movements, truly putting the “camp” in Campus. Luckily for all you plebeians, Critic’s resident team of expert architecture historians have compiled a guide to the unspoken symbolism of Read more...

Goth for Hire

Posted 2:48am Sunday 8th May 2022

For such a wonderfully gloomy city, it’s surprising that Dunedin has less of a goth scene and more of a goth single frame. As a goth that crash landed in dunners I felt an immense sense of duty to my newfound home, as well as a burgeoning megalomania. In a sea of Glassons and Dickies, I made Read more...

Exploring the Genus Couchus: the Outdoor Couch

Posted 6:20pm Friday 1st April 2022

A local treasure Outdoor couches are an endangered native species, unique to the flora, fauna and furniture of Ōtepoti Dunedin. Made of cheap, decaying foam and ugly fabric, outdoor couches can be found proudly perching on porches and backyards throughout North Dunedin, despite being better Read more...

Death Star once more a Fully Operational Battle Station

Posted 5:52pm Friday 1st April 2022

Like its namesake, the post-mandate rager at Castle Street’s Death Star was structurally questionable but fully operational. It was also full of massive fucking weapons.  With the Government lifting most Covid gathering limits last Friday, party-starved breathas jumped at their chance. Read more...

Otago Towns Come First, Last in Map of NZ’s “Sexiest Cities”

Posted 5:50pm Friday 1st April 2022

Lovehoney, an online sex toy shop, recently revealed their list of New Zealand’s “sexiest cities”. Using a combination of search and sales data, they compiled an interactive ‘Sex Map’ power-ranking 42 of Aotearoa’s towns and cities on their kinks, favourite toys, Read more...

Isolation Fornication: 12 Socially Distanced Sex Tips

Posted 5:53pm Sunday 27th March 2022

It’s the third year of the pandemic and everyone’s still horny as hell. The safest option is masturbation, but if you’re sick of ringing the devil’s doorknob or strangling your meat flute and want some partner play then boy, you’re not alone. If the previous euphemisms Read more...

Pass, Pass, Pass – Rare but severe reactions to weed

Posted 2:50pm Sunday 20th March 2022

CW: Psychosis Weed is the most widely used illicit drug in New Zealand, and for good reason. Cannabis has wide applications for mental and physical health, has no reported cases of fatal overdose, and in many ways is significantly less dangerous than alcohol. The long-running Dunedin Study Read more...

ADHD Part 2: The highs and lows of prescription stimulants

Posted 2:18pm Sunday 20th March 2022

“We were on a bit of an MD bender and someone said that they had some Ritalin we could do”, Alex told Critic. “We cut up some lines and snorted it – I think we had two or three lines each – and afterwards everyone else was hyper and talking at like three hundred words a Read more...

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