Letter from the Music Editor

Letter from the Music Editor

I went to a festival once. It was a three-day event. The weather was delicious, the backdrop lush and friendly, the tent… sufficient, the music mind-blowing.

The following year I missed out on tickets. I cursed my indecision. How many times did my finger hover over the Buy Now icon on the festival homepage? While my FOMO reared it’s ugly head, it was a whole different story at the festival. A wash out. Three days of torrential rain. Through the Facebook updates of the survivors, the music fans, the musicians, I heard stories of a brutal sonic apocalypse.

Of the perks of being the Music Editor, the best by far is that I can now live vicariously through the experiences of Critic’s wonderful contributors. I never need a tent, and I never have to leave the house.

This week, Henry Francis reports on Feastock. It’s a backyard BBQ Woodstock, located in the wop wops of Pine Hill. Ihlara McIndoe attends an epic sold-out concert at the Dunedin Town Hall, led by Dunedin graduate and award winning bass, Jonathon Lemalu. And Grimm Selfie surfs the net all the way to Coachella.


This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2017.
Posted 2:14pm Sunday 7th May 2017 by Bianca Prujean.