(team)itorial | Issue 8

(team)itorial | Issue 8

Hugh Was Sick (On Print Day)

Hello! Lucy the deputy here again. Hugh told us last night he was scared because his flatmates had diarrhea and vomiting. Sure enough, we got the text at 8am this morning saying he was out of action. We’re trying to get this thing together without him. Get well soon Hugh! Everyone else, meet the rest of the Critic team...

My I’m  Joe Higham, I am news editor this year. In my opinion, Critic is getting better by the week and we will continue to provide the best magazine we can to intrigue and humour you. In my job, I read, write and organise a lot of news, so enough about that. For this issue, I am most looking forward to reading the Green Island Landfill feature.

Hi, I’m Henry and I’m the Chief Reporter for Critic. This week I investigated how the closure of a local Hepatitis-C resource will affect its patients. The service helps patients suffering from Hep-C to get in touch with a buyer’s club overseas to get cheaper access to medicines. While the Government is bound to follow the law it’s signed up to, they need to keep in mind that access to these loopholes is important and if they’re not willing to front the bill, then they shouldn’t make it any harder for patients to access medicine. Advocating for those without a voice is the primary role of journalists. If you’re interested have a read.

Hi I’m Natasha, the but I’m going to introduce you to Ceri Giddens, the Enigma. Ceri out-ranks me in seniority at Critic, she’s been designing and illustrating pure magic for the features section since last year. Sometimes I make her step outside the features, like when I need a kangaroo in bikini, or a tinder date illustration. Ceri’s favourite bit of Critic this week is the title to the nudity feature, Nudity & Rudity. She also has a tattoo about pull quotes hidden on her somewhere.

Hi pals, I’m Ceri but I’m here to talk to you today about Natasha “Trash” Murachver. Trash is the designer of Critic. While Trash is vastly my inferior in both rank and in general, I am kind enough to allow her to work relentlessly at making the (beautifully laid out) magazine you’re currently holding.  She is a creative powerhouse and absurdly talented but these positive traits are unfortunately overshadowed by her resistance to the inclusion of yellow in the magazine. P.S. Trash says props to Henry for his Hep C piece. I don’t understand but am supportive.

Hi I’m Laura, the Sub-editor! All three features this week cover very different topics, from nudity to self defense to landfills, and all three are awesome pieces of writing. I love the diversity that student media offers, and it’s a great platform for budding writers to learn and get experience. I love writing, and editing, and I’m so excited to be a part of such a fantastic team at Critic this year. I hope Hugh stops vomiting soon.

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This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2016.
Posted 10:17am Sunday 24th April 2016 by Critic.