Editorial: We Summoned a Ghost to Write This Editorial

Posted 12:21am Friday 24th May 2019 by Charlie OíMannin

Welcome to Issue 13, the Occult Issue. Instead of writing an editorial this week we decided to construct a Ouija board and channel the eternal spirit of His Miraculousness Archibald Campbell, the First Critic Editor, may he forever be in our loins. Critic Illustrators Asia and Saskia combined Read more...

Editorial: Critic Announces Bold Plan to Make the OUSA Referendum Suck Less, Again

Posted 2:25am Friday 3rd May 2019 by Charlie OíMannin

The OUSA Referendum is always boring as shit and no one ever submits any questions. Mostly because it seems like it takes actual time and effort and requires a passion for student politics that most people simply don’t have. The thing is, it’s not that hard to get stuff added to the Read more...

Editorial: Sparknotes of the Knox Story

Posted 12:36am Friday 15th March 2019 by Charlie OíMannin

This week Critic’s news section is a little different. Instead of our normal news stories we’ve got a seven-page investigation into the culture of Knox College, a story that Critic has been working on for the past month. There are so many elements to this story, and there were even Read more...

By Underpaying RAs, the University is Taking Advantage of its Most Kind-Hearted Students

Posted 8:06pm Thursday 19th April 2018 by Joel MacManus

Editorial: My first year at Otago in a residential college was the worst year of my life. I had left my small school where I had known most of my classmates since childhood, and been transplanted into a hectic mixing pot where I didn’t know anyone and felt like I didn’t fit in. I was Read more...

Why Cricket Is a Better Metaphor for Sex Than Baseball

Posted 10:00pm Thursday 15th March 2018 by Joel MacManus

I recently found myself in a heated debate over the exact definition of the term “third base”. We all know first base is kissing and second base is feeling a boob, but then where does it go from there? Is third base oral, or is it hand-on-genital contact? If hand-on-breast comes under Read more...

Editorial | I Canít E-Van

Posted 10:46am Sunday 8th October 2017 by Lucy Hunter

On Tuesday OUSA President Hugh Baird hosted a competition to give away the old OUSA van to an assiduous student. Thirty students signed up to spend hours standing on the union lawn touching the van. Competitors were allowed two toilet breaks at times of their choosing. They weren’t allowed any Read more...

Editorial | Coalition Negotiations Aside, We Must Not Forget the Important Issues of the Election

Posted 9:20am Saturday 30th September 2017 by Joe Higham

What the (provisional) election results reveal, apart from the fact that very few people seem to understand how the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system works, is that much of New Zealand remains uncomfortable confronting the severity, or even the existence in some cases, of the problems we Read more...

Editorial | Podcasts

Posted 10:30am Sunday 24th September 2017 by Lucy Hunter

After all the complaints we received about last week’s editorial, I’d like to say at the outset that this editorial represents the views of Critic, Radio One, everybody at OUSA, the university staff, and the entire student population of Dunedin. By reading this, you must agree with Read more...

Editorial | Criticís View on the General Election: Labour Is the Option For Us

Posted 10:23am Sunday 17th September 2017 by Critic

Disclaimer: This endorsement is the view of Critic Magazine and was in no way solicited by the Labour Party or any person affiliated with it. It represents the editorial views of the magazine and no one else. At the outset of this editorial, we admit that endorsements of political parties are an Read more...

Editorial | OUSA Finds Itself At a Crossroads, and Itís Down to You to Decide the Route

Posted 10:25am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Joe Higham

During the OUSA Executive Election Forums that were held last week there emerged a clear division in the ideological outlook and approach held by the candidates in the hope of bringing about institutional change. That division was between those intent on working with the university to bring about Read more...

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