National Coordinator of Thursdays in Black: SHOCK RESIGNATION

Posted 4:49pm Sunday 30th May 2021 by Erin Gourley

The Coordinator of Thursdays in Black Aotearoa, Jahla Tran-Lawrence, has resigned. Thursdays in Black Aotearoa will have a by-election on 17 June to find a new leader. Thursdays in Black is a student-run campaign that aims to prevent and respond to sexual harm in universities and polytechs in Read more...

“Democracy is Dead”

Posted 2:38pm Sunday 9th May 2021 by Fox Meyer

Sign Up Club’s 30 April OUSA SGM ended not with a bang, but a fizzle. The only motion to pass was an increase in pay for ex-officio positions at OUSA. This raised the pay for the Te Roopū Māori Tumuaki Karamea Pēwhairangi and Pasifika Students Association’s President Read more...

Sign Up Club SGM Happened But We Wrote This Before Then

Posted 4:48pm Sunday 2nd May 2021 by Fox Meyer

Sign Up Club’s SGM will have been completed by the time you read this. Critic goes to print on Thursday night, and the SGM is on Friday, so we can only speculate as to what happened. Here’s our best guess as to how things went down last Friday. The SGM, held at 2.00pm, not 5.00pm Read more...

OUSA Motions Pass in Long SGM

Posted 1:07pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Erin Gourley

The Exec were able to validate their Covid-related constitutional breaches and raise their own pay at the SGM last Wednesday. The SGM met quorum, with over 100 students showing up. The Exec’s pay rise generated discussion, because the OUSA President’s pay was set to go up by $8000 Read more...

Facebook Threatens Democracy

Posted 1:51pm Monday 26th April 2021 by Fox Meyer

Sign-Up Club has successfully petitioned for OUSA to host another SGM, which will take place on Friday 30 April at 5pm in the Main Common Room.  “SUC is giving the power back to the people,” said the group. SUC motions that OUSA:  Host another Hyde party this Read more...

The Truth About the OUSA SGM

Posted 9:13pm Sunday 18th April 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

OUSA is holding an SGM (Student General Meeting) this week. OUSA have been advertising the SGM as the Executive doing Executive things in public because they need to do it once a year. However, what the Exec haven’t made particularly clear or easy to find is that any member of OUSA (so, Read more...

Shocking: Students Don’t Engage With Student Politics

Posted 9:48pm Sunday 18th April 2021 by Runze Liu

Despite efforts by OUSA, students continue to be indifferent towards its governance. OUSA leaders are tasked with making policy to ensure everything runs smoothly. This includes event planning, keeping the Uni from screwing students over, and providing safe(r) intoxication Read more...

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