Asbestos Removed from Zoology Building

Posted 8:58am Sunday 10th October 2021

A technical report from July detailed that there is dangerous asbestos in some of the University’s heaters. The original heaters were removed, but many still operate in other buildings. The University did not respond in time for comment on this article. After hearing about asbestos in the Read more...

OUSA Referendum Open For Voting

Posted 3:27pm Friday 1st October 2021

This week OUSA’s yearly referendum is up for voting, and it’s time to exercise those sexy democratic rights. The referendum is divided into two sections: wider initiatives and amendments to the constitution. There are plenty of extremely important initiatives this time around, and we Read more...

Students Happy With George St One-Way Decision

Posted 3:11pm Friday 1st October 2021

In an historic vote last Wednesday, the Dunedin City Council moved to turn George St into a one-way heading south, with construction beginning shortly. It has been over thirty years since George Street was last redeveloped. Apart from that jeweller who is now using Aaron Hawkins’ face as a Read more...

University Asks Students Not To Cheat In Online Exams

Posted 2:59pm Monday 20th September 2021

In an email sent to students last week, the University asked them not indulge in rule-breaking during their online exams. They said that “academic integrity is paramount” and that they require all students to follow the “honour code”. Some students, already pushed to the Read more...

Extra Course-Related Costs Look Unlikely

Posted 3:01pm Sunday 5th September 2021

During the lockdown last year, the Government gave us the ability to put ourselves into an extra $1,000 of debt by expanding the course related costs scheme. But not this year. Students remain frustrated at the lack of financial support.  Education Minister Chris Hipkins did not respond in Read more...

Art Piece Installed, Then Vandalized, Then Re-installed

Posted 1:05pm Monday 16th August 2021

If you’ve been walking around Uni in the last week you might have noticed the plywood signs placed on the Union Lawn and outside the museum. Masters of Fine Art candidate Maggie Covell spoke to Critic about her project, saying that the installation centres on mental health and body autonomy Read more...

Covid And Other Diseases Under Study At University

Posted 1:11am Monday 9th August 2021

Ever wondered what all the pipes are above the Microbiology Building? Turns out they’re top-of-the-line vent systems for the University’s not-so-secret penthouse lab devoted to in-depth study of seriously infectious diseases such as Covid-19.  The Physical Containment Laboratory Read more...

Young Nats At Odds With Old Nats Over Conversion Therapy

Posted 12:59am Monday 9th August 2021

Thursday 5 August was a historic day for the LGBTQ+ community in New Zealand. The Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill was up for its first reading in Parliament, a big step towards outlawing the horrific practice forever in our country. But despite calls from their youth wing to Read more...

Government Finalises Tertiary Pastoral Care Code

Posted 4:24pm Sunday 25th July 2021

After a lengthy submission period, the Government has finally wrapped up their tertiary pastoral care code, called the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Leaners) Code of Practice 2021. They now expect compliance from tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand. While there Read more...

Catering Waste Thrown in Tips

Posted 3:07pm Sunday 18th July 2021

Thanks to a tip-off from a student, Critic now knows what happens to extra food from University-catered events. A concerned student asked us to look into the apparent waste of food at University events. They reached out after they witnessed staff loading crates with uneaten food, apparently to be Read more...

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