University Losing Money, Money, Money on Colleges During 2020

Posted 9:55pm Sunday 18th April 2021

University halls of residence lost a cool $690,000 in 2020, due to the Covid lockdown. Due to 2020 being the shitshow that it was, the Uni wasn’t quite able to cover all of their hall costs, and have since increased their intake of first-years in accommodation for this year. This is either Read more...

Building Studentsí Dream New Vice-Chancellor

Posted 9:51pm Sunday 18th April 2021

With the gaping void left in our hearts by the departure of beloved Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne, students have been left in the lurch when it comes to someone to blame for our next round of department cuts. Critic spent far too much time talking to students about their perfect potential Read more...

The Truth About the OUSA SGM

Posted 9:13pm Sunday 18th April 2021

OUSA is holding an SGM (Student General Meeting) this week. OUSA have been advertising the SGM as the Executive doing Executive things in public because they need to do it once a year. However, what the Exec haven’t made particularly clear or easy to find is that any member of OUSA (so, Read more...

Subeditor Delegated Very Important Task of Putting an Overly Long Title on Tedious OUSA Article

Posted 2:53pm Sunday 28th March 2021

Once a quarter, Critic Te Arohi put themselves through the punishing process of reading and summarising the OUSA Exec’s reports for you, our readers. We do it because the only emotion we’re capable of feeling at this point is pain and we kind of like it we feel a strong sense of duty and Read more...

Uni Cuts Medical Imagery Degree

Posted 2:12pm Sunday 21st March 2021

The University of Otago has decided to kill off three postgraduate programmes based around medical imaging.  The Masters of Medical Imaging, as well as the Postgraduate Diploma (or Certificate) in Medical Imaging were announced back in 2018, but never officially opened to students. Since Read more...

Prices Go Up At Uni Again

Posted 2:10pm Sunday 21st March 2021

The University has raised prices yet again at their food outlets. Those on the study grind are notoriously poor, and after prices went up multiple times last year, this latest increase will be another gut punch to the food court faithful. According to Campus and Collegiate Life Services Read more...

The 20th Annual* Critic Fish and Chip Review

Posted 12:15am Sunday 14th March 2021

*Disclaimer: Critic did not review Dunedin’s greatest fish and chips in 2020 because there was a lot going on.  Chip and fish. Fish and chip. It can be average as fuck or it can be the food of your dreams. That all depends on where you choose to go. Critic ordered two fish (of Read more...

More Students Studying At Otago Than Ever Before

Posted 10:46pm Saturday 13th March 2021

With international gap years now off the market, and a lack of jobs available, about a thousand naive lads and lasses with nothing better to do have enrolled at Otago, boosting the total number of students back to pre-Covid levels.  The student numbers have risen by 952 students from last Read more...

OPINION: Freshers, Stop Leaving the Game Early

Posted 6:33pm Saturday 6th March 2021

Being born and raised in Dunedin, I’ve got a special place in my heart for the mighty Highlanders. I was there for their last game at Carisbrook over ten years ago, I watched as we lifted our first trophy in 2015. Since arriving at uni, I’ve been to almost every ‘Landers game at Read more...

OUSA Cancels Exec Meeting Because They Have Nothing to Talk About

Posted 5:17pm Saturday 6th March 2021

The Exec meeting last week was cancelled because there was nothing on the agenda. In an email sent to members of the OUSA Exec February 26, the meeting scheduled for Monday was cancelled because there were only two agenda items. Both items had papers pending, preventing full discussion on either Read more...

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