The Future Is Now: University Implements Examination Software For Upcoming Competitive Exams

Posted 1:01am Friday 15th May 2020

Fresh off announcing their long-awaited exam timetable, the University lobbed a curveball at Accounting students and the massive Health Science First Year cohort on Tuesday afternoon by informing them that their exams would be surveilled. Many students are concerned. Yes, you read that right. In Read more...

Turf War in the Hunter Centre

Posted 12:34pm Sunday 22nd March 2020

Medical students are unhappy that the University is allowing non-medical students to book rooms in the Hunter Centre.  The University took over administration of the Hunter Centre from the Division of Health Sciences at the start of 2020. By bringing the Centre under the jurisdiction of the Read more...

Otago Uni Illness Breakdown

Posted 1:38pm Saturday 7th March 2020

Students are dropping like flies with fresher flu and, for two students, the mumps.  A spokesperson from Student Health has confirmed two cases of mumps on the Dunedin campus within the last two weeks. The symptoms are similar to the common cold, but also include fever and painful, swollen Read more...

The Inaugural Critic Kebab Review

Posted 1:36am Friday 28th February 2020

The kebab. The holy trinity of protein, veggie and carbs. The go-to for anyone who is feening a feed that won’t damage your body and/or subtract ten minutes from your life. The team at Critic was shook to realise that no Dunedin kebab review exists, and are here to right that wrong. Each Read more...

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