Streaker Carnage Causes Nose Break

Posted 8:20pm Sunday 26th May 2024 by Gryffin Powell

Sources are keeping quiet in the wake of an ongoing legal proceeding involving an alleged broken nose at the hands of a streaker during the Highlanders vs Crusaders game on May 11th. Cracker of a Zoo turn-out, by the way.  At the game in question, 11 streakers took to the field, two of whom Read more...

The Breathaís Guide to Understanding the Rugby World Cup

Posted 12:22pm Monday 18th September 2023 by Oscar Paul

What is the Rugby World Cup?    The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is a quadrennial meeting between the best countries in the world, i.e., the ones that play rugby. The coolest donnies, the blokes you’d happily invite over for your red card. 20 countries in total, each with mixed Read more...

Heartbreak for the Otago Nuggets in Semi-Final

Posted 2:04pm Monday 31st July 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Dreams were crushed in Auckland on Saturday, July 22, when the embattled Otago Nuggets found themselves at the tail end of a 114-103 loss to the Canterbury Rams. Critic Te Ārohi can’t believe it either. A team that started the season with seven straight wins in the Sals National Read more...

Tame Zoo Spurs Public Uproar

Posted 11:24am Sunday 16th April 2023 by Hugh Askerud

On Saturday, April 8, the infamous Forsyth Barr Zoo saw a historically low turnout for the Highlanders clash against the Hurricanes. This comes after a general downward trend of Zoo attendance that’s been made starkly apparent this year. Though the Zoo’s capacity of 4,500 hasn’t Read more...

Otago Student Joins Highlanders Squad For 2023

Posted 1:33pm Saturday 24th September 2022 by Denzel Chung

It’s common for students to have a side hustle alongside their study commitments. It is, however, a bit rarer for that side hustle to be playing professional rugby in one of the world’s top competitions.  For business student James Arscott, however, playing top-level rugby has Read more...

Rugby Crowd Appeared to Behave Well

Posted 5:48pm Friday 1st April 2022 by Hugh Askerud

The deafening screams of thousands signalled the start of something wonderful last Saturday. At 4:35 pm, with Covid-19 restrictions loosened just the day before, Forsyth Barr Stadium opened its various gates to the rugby-starved masses. This gave students their first taste of life in the Zoo this Read more...

No Arrests After Rugby

Posted 2:26pm Sunday 18th July 2021 by Fox Meyer

Nobody was arrested at the stadium following the All Blacks vs Fiji game on Saturday, 10 July. Great job, everyone. There were still some dickheads, though. A statement from the Police said that “several people” had to be removed from the stadium by staff or officers for “poor Read more...

OPINION: Middle Aged Drunks Are the Problem, Not Students

Posted 4:21pm Sunday 18th July 2021 by Asia Martusia King

There’s a rugby match tonight. Shona’s left Xavier with a babysitter, and she’s going fucking rogue. For one night and one night only, her pent-up midlife chaos will be free. Her husband, Murray, is also gearing up for the game. Murray and his corporate buddies will indulge in too Read more...

Someone Shat in the Zoo

Posted 9:57pm Sunday 18th April 2021 by Fox Meyer

Title says it all. Great job, fuckhead. Otago’s new Most Wanted is the man who shat in The Zoo at the rugby on 10 April. Described as “slender, blonde, curly-haired and unashamed”, this man is assumed to be highly dangerous and not to be confronted by the public.  Public Read more...

OPINION: Opinion: You Donít Have to Go to The Rugby

Posted 9:43pm Friday 26th March 2021 by Oscar Francis

Let’s just be clear on one thing: I’m not being anti-rugby. Rugby is a great game. It’s something that we orientate our identity around, both as individuals and a nation. Going to the stadium gives a lot of us a feeling of fitting in, and stability in an uncertain Read more...

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