OUSA Criticises Residential Tenancies Amendment Act

Posted 6:56pm Saturday 13th July 2024

The OUSA Student Exec recently submitted on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill in opposition to its proposed introduction of no-cause evictions. It’s exactly what it sounds like: the bill would allow landlords to evict tenants without needing to give a reason. Critic Te Ārohi spoke Read more...

Student Exec Turn In Second Quarterly Reports

Posted 6:53pm Saturday 13th July 2024

Is it that time already? OUSA second quarterly reports are in (most of them), and we’re here to give you an insight into what our student dictators have been doing/not doing in the time you’ve been pilfering snacks from your parents' pantry. Buckle up for a rootin’ Read more...

Otago Uni Releases Statement on Free Speech

Posted 6:47pm Saturday 13th July 2024

In a flying start at his first Uni Council meeting last Tuesday, new Vice-Chancellor Grant Robertson (GRob for short) approved the ‘University of Otago Statement on Free Speech’. Free speech advocates have since come out calling it the “gold standard” of policies. The Read more...

The 23rd Annual Critic Fish & Chip Review

Posted 6:11pm Saturday 13th July 2024

Winter has come, and the fish and chip gods demand justice! If fish and chips are a summer food, then why do they have all the key components of a hearty winter feed? Potatoes, grease, convenience, shame. Perfect for cold days, or cold journalists in dire need of their yearly sacrifice – this Read more...

EXCLUSIVE! Salacious OUSA Exec Quotes

Posted 7:32pm Sunday 26th May 2024

It’s difficult to know what else lies behind the big green door of our OUSA overlords (exec). Love? Gossip? Rivalry? Sex? Murder? Armed with a pen, a notepad, and explicit orders from the editor to source a tabloid-worthy insider scoop, Critic Te Ārohi’s News Editor went to find out Read more...

Junior Doc Strikes Have Med Students “Concerned”

Posted 7:27pm Sunday 26th May 2024

Junior doctors across the country have been protesting harsh working conditions and pay cuts, much to the concern of med students about to enter the health sector. Lamenting government changes and the already brutally challenging circumstances, one student Emily* said she was “not sure how Read more...

Cosy Dell Creeper Lurks Over to Queen

Posted 10:01pm Sunday 19th May 2024

The Cosy Dell Creepers are reportedly extending their range, with multiple sources confirming that the figure has been snooping around flats on Queen St. The figure has been reportedly sighted in locations near Prospect Park, a pitch-black field located on the end of Queen St, allegedly prompting a Read more...

Knox Spree of Lightbulb Thievery

Posted 3:07pm Sunday 19th May 2024

In Issue 11, Critic Te Ārohi received a heated letter to the editor from Knox students who were “pissed the fuck off” after a wave of lightbulb thieving had swept through the college. “If we keep running out of lightbulbs in our double a’s, who will host pres?” Too Read more...

‘Let’s Get Accessible’ Reports Tertiary Ableism

Posted 3:01pm Sunday 19th May 2024

The ‘Let’s Get Accessible’ project mapping disabled students’ experiences has found that a whopping 60% had experienced exclusion or discrimination in the tertiary environment. The project was released in February before being updated this month to include new data from a Read more...

Midnight Marathoners for Charity

Posted 5:05pm Saturday 11th May 2024

In a joint venture between the ski club (OUSSC) and canoe club (OUCC), and one lonely member of the bike club (OUBC), on Sunday May 5th a group of 30 students competed in the Red Bull event Wings for Life, a global charity run.  The group’s run was part of the global 2024 Wings for Read more...

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