The Breatha’s Guide to Understanding the Rugby World Cup

Posted 12:22pm Monday 18th September 2023

What is the Rugby World Cup?    The Rugby World Cup (RWC) is a quadrennial meeting between the best countries in the world, i.e., the ones that play rugby. The coolest donnies, the blokes you’d happily invite over for your red card. 20 countries in total, each with mixed Read more...

University Courses If They Were Animal Crossing Villagers

Posted 5:45pm Monday 26th April 2021

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing the perfect escape tool from the cruel reality of Covid, Uni stress, depression, the housing market and the loss of Harlene. It’s also a genuinely fun game to play. Each game hosts cute wee villagers, which are anthropomorphic animals. For you commerce students Read more...

New Zealand Robot Fights Other Robots and Wins

Posted 10:04pm Friday 26th March 2021

New Zealand are now officially the world champions of robot combat, becoming the first non-American team to hold the top spot. The University of Auckland's Faculty of Engineering have successfully won the most recent Battlebots season, which many fans consider the world championship league Read more...

School of Fishermen Need Herring Aid

Posted 11:03pm Saturday 13th March 2021

No one caught a fish at the Otago Salmon Angling Association’s (OSAA) fishing competition last Saturday.  In the fishing competition, 200 fishermen and fisherwomen had 24 hours to catch any Salmon, Kingfish or Kahawai in the Otago Harbour. The biggest fishes caught could net the Read more...

Where Did the Word “Breather” Come From?

Posted 11:33pm Saturday 6th March 2021

For years, Otago students were dubbed ‘scarfies’. The word was popularised by the eponymous 1999 film and came loaded with half-a-century of resentment from older generations. As ubiquitous as the ‘scarfie’ moniker once was, it has increasingly been replaced by a newer, more Read more...

An Explanation of North v South

Posted 4:58pm Sunday 13th September 2020

On Saturday 5 September, at 7.10pm, amidst a new lockdown plan, political campaigns, uni assignments and figuring out what to send to your new Tinder match, life decided to give New Zealand a bit of a stress reliever. While every other country has gone and gotten Covid-19, NZ is blessed with a great Read more...

Uni’s Shovel Ready Projects Get the Axe

Posted 9:22pm Thursday 27th August 2020

Roughly $300 Million worth of government funding may be deferred from Otago Uni, potentially stalling the five shovel-ready projects the University had planned for years to come. The five projects include a new building for the Te Rangi Hiroa residential college ($90 million), earthquake-proofing Read more...

Beer Pong Tournament Attracts Brotherhood of Punters

Posted 8:29pm Thursday 13th August 2020

On August 9, the Landers Army - the official fanpage for the Highlanders - hosted the inaugural Beer Pong Masters at Starter Bar. Teams of two played for the rights to be Dunedin’s Best Team, and to head up to Auckland to demolish those northern fuckwits at the best sport ever Read more...

It’s Time to Duel: Meet Dunedin’s Tabletop Tycoon

Posted 2:35pm Thursday 30th July 2020

Gregory Mansfield probably came out of the womb wearing a DuelDisk on his arm and Exodia in hand. At an older age, Gregory and his mates got back into YuGiOh! and all of its nostalgic glory. They were hooked on watching card unboxing videos, making their own decks and competing in and judging local Read more...

First Person to Vomit Inside The Maharajas Speaks Out

Posted 2:10pm Sunday 26th July 2020

Popular BYO restaurant The Maharajas have survived their first in-house vomit. The vomit, which occurred at 9:15pm on Friday 17 July, broke The Maharajas’ massive three year streak of puke-less student BYO curry nights. "I had two bongs before I came to dinner and my flatmate pressured Read more...

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