It’s Time to Duel: Meet Dunedin’s Tabletop Tycoon

Posted 2:35pm Thursday 30th July 2020

Gregory Mansfield probably came out of the womb wearing a DuelDisk on his arm and Exodia in hand. At an older age, Gregory and his mates got back into YuGiOh! and all of its nostalgic glory. They were hooked on watching card unboxing videos, making their own decks and competing in and judging local Read more...

First Person to Vomit Inside The Maharajas Speaks Out

Posted 2:10pm Sunday 26th July 2020

Popular BYO restaurant The Maharajas have survived their first in-house vomit. The vomit, which occurred at 9:15pm on Friday 17 July, broke The Maharajas’ massive three year streak of puke-less student BYO curry nights. "I had two bongs before I came to dinner and my flatmate pressured Read more...

One in Five Chance Your Re-O MDMA Was Bath Salts

Posted 8:11pm Thursday 16th July 2020

20% of the drug samples tested by KnowYourStuff during Re-O Week turned out to be synthetic cathinones (a.k.a. bath salts, a.k.a. a bad time). KnowYourStuff detected nine samples of mephedrone and eight samples of a new, unknown cathinone. “This unknown cathinone [detected during Re-O Week] Read more...

Students to Watch: Hamish and Angus

Posted 6:51pm Thursday 12th March 2020

Hamish Todd and Angus Tylee are proof that, sometimes, a mate’s hairbrained scheme isn’t as cooked as you might first think. From a bedroom in Arana (lol) in 2017, the duo deduced that if no one else would bring drum and bass to Dunedin, then, fuck it, why couldn’t they just do it? Read more...

Dunedin News’ Coronavirus Discourse

Posted 6:22pm Thursday 5th March 2020

Need to know more about the latest trends and pandemics? Visit Dunedin News, the single largest online forum for our fine city in the South. Dunedin News is a Facebook group founded in 2014, with the sole purpose of housing the most up-to-date collection of info from the wider Dunedin area. But Read more...

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