Booze Reviews: The Yardie

Posted 10:22pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

21st season has officially arrived, and with it comes the means for celebration. You can’t really do anything new when you turn 21 but you’re officially an adult now. For third-years, this means that you no longer have to compete to be the biggest wounder on Castle Street; you can now Read more...

Spiked: An Invisible Crime

Posted 11:02pm Sunday 19th May 2024 by Jodie Evans

TW: Mentions of sexual assault and detailed depictions of drink spiking  At university, everyone seems to know someone who’s been spiked. The phenomenon hangs in the air at flat parties and lingers about the bathrooms of student bars, yet remains grossly stigmatised. Following Read more...

Booze Review: White Claw

Posted 3:25pm Saturday 11th May 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

The world’s most patriotic drink is now in Ōtepoti Dunedin, meaning the common breatha will be turning their hats backwards, putting on the loudest tech house, and getting absolutely frat-boy wasted.  For booze reviews, this is like your first child being born, marrying the love Read more...

Booze Review: Bavaria 8.6 Original Holland Beer

Posted 6:55pm Sunday 5th May 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

Bavaria 8.6 Original Holland Beer didn’t come to fuck around. Straight off the plane from the Netherlands, this wolf-clad bevvy is your new one-minute ticket to getting fucked.  Referred to simply as ‘8.6’, this devil-in-a-can is bound to get you silly with its outrageous Read more...

Booze Reviews: Coruba Raspberry, Grapefruit & Soda

Posted 10:02pm Friday 26th April 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

Coruba is meant to be tall, dark and handsome; a drink to remind you of the tropics, or of anywhere you can reliably hang your washing outside to dry. Coruba Raspberry, Grapefruit & Soda is anything but that. The drink is, in fact, short, white and strange. It’s like that one mate that Read more...

Castle Capitalism

Posted 10:24pm Friday 26th April 2024 by Angus Rees

It’s no secret that university students are short on money. Between tuition fees, the rising cost of living, and an academic workload that makes part-time work sparse, students are under a lot of financial pressure. But thanks to social media and consumer culture, a new 21st century job has Read more...

Booze Reviews: White Russian

Posted 8:37am Tuesday 23rd April 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

There’s something to be said about milk-based cocktails. They’re sweet, creamy, and have you teetering on the edge of shitting your pants. Having recently watched The Big Lebowski, naturally White Russians were the only way to approach this inconsistent but virtuous thrill of Read more...

White Claw’s Coming to Town

Posted 1:46pm Sunday 14th April 2024 by Nina Brown

Don your frat boy caps, White Claw is coming to Aotearoa. In a statement to Newshub, DB Breweries, official partner of the American RTD, confirmed that “the rumours are true” – they’ll be hitting shelves nationwide from April 19. For those not in the know, White Claw is Read more...

Booze Reviews: Long White Hazy Lemonade

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 14th April 2024 by Chunny Bill Swilliams

RTD’s have now fallen victim to the shameless marketing trend that’s conned every corduroy-wearing millennial in Wellington into drinking the most experimental hazy IPA. Trying to prove your superiority of taste and class doesn’t cover up the fact you get shamelessly pissed every Read more...

Opinion: Nitro Goes Woke?

Posted 9:20pm Friday 5th April 2024 by Nicholas McDermott

In the ever-evolving landscape of alcoholic beverages, one name has stood out for its unapologetic embrace of the wild side: Nitro. Known for having partygoers buzzing with energy, Nitro has carved a niche for itself as the go-to drink for those looking to elevate their night from the mundane to the Read more...

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