OPINION: I Hate that the Uni Wasted 42k on Some Promo Screens

Posted 7:14pm Sunday 15th September 2019

Over the last few weeks the Uni installed a massive nine panel screen in the Link that cost $42,000. It plays exclusively ads for the Uni – you know, that place you already go. I have a conspiracy. The University is slowly but surely turning the Link into a massive man-cave. Think about it, Read more...

Harlene Tells High Schoolers to Piss Off

Posted 12:50am Friday 6th September 2019

Before this year’s O-Week, Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne sent a letter to all Dunedin secondary schools asking them to encourage their students to stay away from university parties. The letter was a response to Campus Watch reporting an alarming rise in uninvited high school students Read more...

Stitch Kitchen: a Local Solution to a Global Problem

Posted 10:53pm Saturday 17th August 2019

Fast fashion is an issue that is so big it sometimes feels hopeless. So much so that in first year after I watched a Netflix documentary called The True Cost I swore a silent oath that I wouldn’t buy any new clothing for a year. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to Read more...

The Tree that Smells Like Cum

Posted 9:00pm Saturday 17th August 2019

There are two things I’ve learnt in this life. One, that some things demand to be felt and two, that some things demand to be smelt. Dunedin has a tree that smells like cum. Officially called Pyrus calleryana, this Cum Tree is a species of pear tree native to China and Vietnam. There might Read more...

OPINION: Students Are Not Free Labour

Posted 6:17pm Sunday 11th August 2019

It’s that time of year, baby. Halfway through semester two, internships and summer employment are all the rage. And I’m raging. Like two thousand other Otago students, I am graduating at the end of this year. I’ll have a Bachelor of Arts and a bunch of paid and voluntary work Read more...

Bike Thefts: a Trial, a Tribulation

Posted 8:34pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Earlier this year Critic received a news tip alleging there was a spate of bike thefts happening on campus. To see if it was a story worth pursuing, I contacted the Police Communications team with an OIA request to get some evidence on reported thefts. Simple stuff. For those that don’t Read more...

Students to Watch | Georgie Northcoat

Posted 8:29pm Sunday 4th August 2019

Georgie Northcoat is a third-year Bachelor of Applied Sciences Student. Majoring in Marketing and Clothing and Textile Sciences she’s also working part-time as a media analyst at Meltwater, doing research for F&P, working on start-up initiatives in the Dunedin community to reduce waste, Read more...

Critic Reviews the Local Dumpling Joints

Posted 10:22pm Thursday 18th July 2019

The Dumpling Lady aka The Artist Formerly Known As Rising Sun Despite the heavy coverage in this year’s Critic, we are not actually sponsored by DL/TAFKARS, although we wish we were. This is a cheap and cheerful food truck on campus whose success can largely be attributed to the delightful Read more...

Otago Uni Says Nup to 126,000 Cups

Posted 11:21pm Thursday 11th July 2019

Otago Uni has announced that as of July 15, they will be phasing out disposable cups across all campus cafes. The first three cafes to be affected by this change will be St. Davids, Te Mātiti and Staff Club. While some students already use reusable cups at the campus cafes, the University has Read more...

Students to Watch | Aidan Barbour-Ryan

Posted 8:45pm Thursday 23rd May 2019

In June last year, Aidan Barbour-Ryan set himself a personal challenge to run every day for a year. One month in, the 21-year-old marketing student decided that his challenge could benefit more people than just himself. Aidan decided that he would raise money to increase mental health and suicide Read more...

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