Ethel & Hyde | Issue 26

Posted 1:15pm Sunday 8th October 2017

Dear Ethel, I’ve always viewed myself as a straight guy. I’ve had one serious relationship with a girl and a few casual hook-ups. But last weekend I had a few beers with the boys then headed into town. I somehow ended up at a random house party, where I meet this dude who was funny Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Could Tu-Not?

Posted 12:24pm Saturday 30th September 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde, There’s this guy who eats tuna in the main library every day I am studying in there. It stinks and really distracts me from studying. I can’t stand it! Library studier   Ethel says The library works hard to provide an environment which is Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Small Town Tosser Poison recipe

Posted 1:44pm Sunday 17th September 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde I’ve been dating this guy for eight months and I think I love him. But last weekend my best friend told me that she saw him in Dunedin kissing another girl at a party when he was meant to be out of town with his friends. I believe her, she is one of my best friends. When Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Facing a Void of the Unknown

Posted 1:19pm Sunday 10th September 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde, I am graduating at the end of this year and I have no idea what I really want to do. I have some ideas, like doing a PGdip or working for a year and then doing some post grad, but mostly I am really confused about what’s the right thing to choose and don’t want to Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Hanging Round like a Bad Smell

Posted 2:33pm Sunday 3rd September 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde, We are yet another bunch of unfortunate second years faced with the issue of a flatmate's unsavoury boyfriend. He has ruined our relationship with our flatmate, who gave him a key without our (or the landlord’s) permission. We’ve asked for his key back twice, Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Laptop Craptop

Posted 1:46pm Sunday 20th August 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde, I have a faulty laptop. Problems started not long after I bought it, but I was too busy to take it back, so I just tried to keep going, but it is not connecting to any wifi and this makes it pretty much useless to me. I’ve taken it in twice and they just send me away Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | An Unwanted Breath of Fresh Air

Posted 12:36pm Sunday 13th August 2017

Dear Ethel and Hyde Our property manager is showing people through our flat for next year, and, to make it easier for us all, is only doing this once a week on a Monday afternoon. This Monday, we came home to find that the backdoor was wide open. We know we left it locked and shut. The only Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Counselling Denounced

Posted 1:40pm Sunday 6th August 2017

Can anyone help me? I need some counselling but can’t get in to Student Health. I know my studies are being affected; I can’t concentrate properly anymore. Do you know if there are other ways to get in to see someone? Strained Student   Ethel and Hyde is brought to you Read more...

Ethel & Hyde

Posted 2:14pm Sunday 30th July 2017

Dear Ethel/Hyde, I signed a lease about a week ago for a flat on Leith St with a bunch of mates and now we have received an invitation to an initiation, because it turns out one of our friends knows someone living there this year and gave them our names. I am very nervous about what we might have Read more...

Ethel & Hyde | Flattened by my flatmate

Posted 1:57pm Sunday 23rd July 2017

Hey there Ethel and Hyde, My flatmate reversed over my bag yesterday and now my laptop and my glasses are broken to the point they are completely unusable. I don’t have any insurance, and neither does my flatmate. I need both of those things to study! Please help.   Ethel and Read more...

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