May the sports be with you

Posted 1:24pm Sunday 19th May 2013

On 25 May (6:45am 26 May NZ time), Europe’s top two sides will battle for the most prestigious prize in club football: the Champions League title. Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich are both in the final at Wembley after pulling off semi-final upsets – Dortmund saw off nine-time winners Real Madrid Read more...

“Everyone a winner at Uni Games”

Posted 4:00pm Sunday 5th May 2013

Team Otago reclaimed the University Shield at the Uni Games held in Dunedin two weeks ago. Otago boasted the largest team at the 2013 event with 142 competitors, and made their numerical advantage count by collecting the most points and taking out the shield. Prior to the games it had been Read more...

Please can you teach me how to Dougie

Posted 5:49pm Sunday 14th April 2013

The celebration is one of my favourite parts of sport. It serves so many purposes: an outpouring of raw emotion; a message to your opponent or the crowd; a “look at me” moment especially for the cameras; or pure relief. The days of manners and sportsmanship limiting celebration to a nod and a Read more...

Bros at da Footy

Posted 4:40pm Sunday 7th April 2013

This report on the All Whites’ match with New Caledonia the other day is in two parts. The first involves me complaining about why the match was so disappointing. The second is a collection of quotes that I jotted down from the students behind me who used me as a shield so they could drink their Read more...

Whyte Men Can Run

Posted 4:40pm Sunday 7th April 2013

Not much about Andrew Whyte would lead you to think that he is one of the fastest men in New Zealand. For a start, he is white. Really white. The kind of white that comes from growing up on a farm in Clinton, Southland rather than the beaches of the Caribbean. He is also not particularly Read more...

OUSA tasked with getting Uni Games back on track

Posted 6:30pm Sunday 24th March 2013

The Uni Games are returning to the University of Otago in 2013. The annual inter-university sporting contest has been on the decline in recent years, but this year OUSA will manage a pared-back event in Dunedin from 22-24 April 2013. OUSA Exec member and Recreation Officer Blake Luff said: Read more...

Test Match Induces Persistent Vegetative State in Spectators

Posted 5:43pm Sunday 17th March 2013

The first Test Match between New Zealand and England at the University Oval ended in a dour draw. Day one was rained out and while England’s batsmen made a valiant effort to set up a result by throwing their wickets away on day two, their sacrifices were to no avail. New Zealand fans could Read more...

Sport stops you getting fat, look it up.

Posted 9:40pm Sunday 24th February 2013

The sports pages are back for another year. One more year of denying the indie kids their ultimate goal of reserving Critic for unreadable niche comic strips, reviews of bands you never heard of and articles they plagiarised off Vice. Luckily, in 2013 we once again have an editor who loves his Read more...

A trip down memory lane with Josh Kronfeld

Posted 5:59pm Sunday 7th October 2012

I’m a try-hard writer, so I’ll start with a quote: “It's true what they say, you should never meet your heroes, you'll only be disappointed.” (Father Dougal McGuire). Father Dougal is an idiot. Meeting your heroes is great. When I fell in love with rugby Josh Kronfeld was the best player in Read more...

Muhammad Zariq Farhan bin Mohd Hanif Wins Gold Award

Posted 5:59pm Sunday 7th October 2012

OUSA has presented the annual Otago Blues and Golds awards to the top athletes and cultural stars of the University of Otago. This is the 105th year in which the Blues have been awarded to students who have achieved to a high level in their chosen sport. The Golds Awards, which are in their Read more...

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