Prices Go Up At Uni Again

Prices Go Up At Uni Again

Stonks but not Stonks

The University has raised prices yet again at their food outlets. Those on the study grind are notoriously poor, and after prices went up multiple times last year, this latest increase will be another gut punch to the food court faithful.

According to Campus and Collegiate Life Services University Union General Manager Stephen Baughan, who has a very short job title, the price increases are due to increased costs for things like ingredients and packaging. 

Naturally, this is passed on to customers, with Baughan giving the example of the increased price of specialty milks (which includes soy, oat, rice and almond). When compared to regular cow’s milk, which is a weird concept, this means that the specialty milks are now charged at a higher price to cover this price differential. Basically, all the lactose intolerant and environmentally conscious people are to blame.

Additionally, Baughan cited that the increase in labour costs (i.e. the University complying with minimum wage increases) has also contributed to the price increase. The Union outlets don’t seem to be the only victim of raised prices, with the hallowed $3 lunch at OUSA Clubs and Socs recently rising to $4, which strangely seems like a much larger dent in the wallet. 

However, the ever-present Dumpling Lady stand has remained stalwart and it’s as cheap as ever to get some dumplings and fried rice. Also samosas from the next food truck over are $6. 

With the steady increase in food prices around campus, your avocado toast and coffee may actually become a financial problem. Lord help us if the boomers were right.

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This article first appeared in Issue 4, 2021.
Posted 2:10pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic and Hannah Johns.