Chargrills: Feta, Spinach and Lemon Stuffed Chicken Bake

Posted 12:16pm Sunday 8th October 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

And all of a sudden, we’re at the last recipe. It's been good team, thanks for looking at the pictures and never trying a recipe! It's not too late though, try this. You'll like it.    CHICKEN 2 chicken breasts  ⅓ block feta  ¼ cup Read more...

Chargrills: Soft Shell Tacos

Posted 10:16pm Sunday 24th September 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

While we’re on the Mexican buzz, here's another mouth tingler to try out while avos are in season and the weather is warming up. Stay burrito-ful. This meal pairs nicely with Bohemian Wrap-sidy.    Ingredients    Soft shell tacos 700g chicken Read more...

Chargrills: The Perfect Quesadilla

Posted 12:26pm Monday 18th September 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

Look sharp, idiots, this one’s for real. There’s a bit of admin involved for the initial operation but after that the leftovers process is easy as, and you only need to do one dish. Can be vegan without the cheese, and is vegetarian to begin Read more...

Chargrillss: Fried rice

Posted 12:12pm Monday 11th September 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

It's September. Fried rice it is. This easy dinner will have you satisfied and not feeling too heavy. There aren't many recipes left for this year so I hope you have given at least one a go. This is easy to follow, and even for the dustiest of cooks it can't go too wrong. Give it a Read more...

Chargrills: FLATBREADZ

Posted 11:06pm Sunday 20th August 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

Do you like meatballs? Do you like salads? Do you like halloumi, spiced chicken, fish or steak? Well add anything you like to this easy flatbread recipe. The best thing about this recipe is it only has 2 ingredients. Pairs well with any meat and veggies on top. Don't forget da sauce Read more...

Chargrills: Satay Chicken Vermicelli

Posted 3:57pm Sunday 13th August 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

This recipe is dedicated to the lovely human who sent an email complaining about the use of prawns in my first ever recipe for Critic. I still think about that message sometimes. This was going to be a prawn recipe out of spite but I am choosing kindness. Chicken it is, and don't forget to be Read more...

Chargrills: Chicken Curry

Posted 2:13pm Monday 7th August 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

You know what? This is far from the best curry I’ve had. It was warm and curry-like, but I probably wouldn’t eat it again. Nice and simple, yes. Will warm you up and give you some veggies. If it was a movie it would be Avatar, beautiful visuals but forgettable story and ultimately Read more...

Chargrills: Mexi Bowls but fod-friendly

Posted 4:46pm Monday 24th July 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

It’s still cold again. You know where it’s still NOT cold? Mexico. Let’s pretend we’re there again. But this time we have a sensitive tummy. Sand between toes, Trump caps everywhere. The sound of breaking waves but no rumbly, gassy tummy. Just hunger. Perfect. Read more...

Chargrills: Mexi-Bowls

Posted 9:54pm Tuesday 18th July 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

It’s cold. You know where it’s not cold? Mexico. Let’s pretend we’re there. Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine the feeling of sand between your toes. Imagine the background noises of the United States attempting to overthrow yet another Southern democracy. Perfect. Read more...

Chargrills: RE-O RECTIFIER: Beef Edition

Posted 1:30pm Sunday 9th July 2023 by Charly Burnett @chargrillss

And we're back with a simple DINNAAAAAA. We're talking beef and vegetables, or you can use fake meat or tofu to keep it vegan. All with some sachet sauce. Tuck into this for a Re-O rectifier that won’t break the bank.    Ingredients   Drizzle of oil (fun Read more...

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