Critic Scandals: An Inexhaustive (Updated) Account

Posted 8:00pm Sunday 26th May 2024

Taking Dunedin Old to new heights, Critic Te Ārohi has been around for ninety-nine years. For almost all of them, we have pissed off some groups of people, from our very own Uni, landlords, to students and non-students alike; something news-breaking or outright offensive has definitely been Read more...

Man Breaks into Flat to Rap

Posted 4:43pm Saturday 11th May 2024

A Great King Street complex flat’s Thursday evening was abruptly interrupted on April 25th when an unwanted (rather intoxicated) visitor by the name ‘Strike’ knocked on their door. Under the assumption he was known to one of his flatmates, one of the residents let him in. What Read more...

Technically Legal: Weird Laws You May Not Have Heard Of

Posted 3:47pm Saturday 11th May 2024

Otago students generally have a pretty laxed view on obeying Big Brother. After spending a few years living in North Dunedin, following the intricacies of the less serious side of the law starts to seem like more of a recommendation than an enforced hard line. Some laws, however, are downright Read more...

Students Encouraged to Vaccinate Against Meningococcal Disease

Posted 4:59pm Saturday 2nd March 2024

The Meningitis Foundation has started a national campaign urging students to get vaccinated and highlighting the extreme risks of the disease. This push for vaccination comes after a smattering of individual cases have been reported at the University over recent years. Margaret Perley, the Head Read more...

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