Cops Still Donít Get D&B, Gather Around Castle to Learn More

Cops Still Donít Get D&B, Gather Around Castle to Learn More

Youíd think by now they would dress according to the party themes on Castle

If you haven’t been permanently blinded by the flashing lights, sickly vape clouds, and freshers dancing like electrocuted cats along our favourite glass-paved party-street, you might have noticed the increased police presence during Flo and O-Week. 

With cops lining either side of Castle St during the festivities, a loose night out quickly turned into a primary school disco, complete with watching parents to harsh your buzz. A police spokesperson said that “police have always had a strong presence at events around the start of the university year,” and that “this year will be no different. We want people to enjoy this time and celebrate safely.”

They also said that during Level 2, this wasn’t restricted to just student events but extended across the entire country. Police were noted to be “looking to educate people on the required Covid restrictions “should something happen.” 

A student told Critic that it was entertaining to watch the assorted officers grimace at a particularly bass-laden section of the pounding DnB, noting that “clearly they don’t understand what good music is these days.” On multiple nights police turned on their flashing lights, blockading either end of the street. The strobing from their lights, presumably in an effort to bridge the age gap, failed to appeal to the writhing mass of breathas frothing in front of them. 

With police presence expected to die down as university kicks off proper, a return to normalcy may be on the cards, but don’t be surprised if you see cops patrolling the streets letting you know what’s what.


This article first appeared in Issue 1, 2021.
Posted 8:55pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic.