Itís All Greek to Me!

Posted 1:10pm Sunday 12th March 2023 by Hugh Askerud

Before you get upset about the title, understand that a toga party in New Zealand in 2023 is about as Roman as it is Martian, so making a Greek pun is excusable.   With that out of the way: Toga party. What’s the deal? This annual event has become an intrinsic part of student Read more...

Inside that 800-Person Backpackers Party

Posted 2:47pm Sunday 5th March 2023 by Anna Robertshawe

On the Wednesday night of O-Week, View Street throbbed with DnB and pheromones as hundreds of third year students migrated to Backpackers flat for a “sports-themed” host. It was shut down by police in protective gear, and widely criticised online as a “dangerous 800-person Read more...

Game of Throwns

Posted 1:32pm Sunday 5th March 2023 by Hugh Askerud

There is something distinct in the Otago student spirit which inevitably leads to a bottle, egg, or other assorted item being thrown in the streets of studentville. Maybe it's the Leith’s unyielding supply of inedible trout which spawned the madness, or perhaps the bountiful amount of food Read more...

Pride Night officially joins O-week

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 5th March 2023 by Lotto Ramsay

An open space in the Ori ‘23 lineup led to what organisers have called a “golden opportunity” for our queer student community. OUSA Queer Support partnered with Dunedin Pride and UniQ to bring a pride event to O-Week for the first time ever, on Friday 24 February. Hosted on the Read more...

Gravy Train Derails in NZ

Posted 2:03pm Sunday 5th March 2023 by Fox Meyer

Students from Otago and Victoria Universities had a bone to pick with Yung Gravy’s Ori performances. While the Otago attendees' main complaint was about the American rapper’s stage presence, who “appeared to be fucked out of his mind”, Wellington gig-goers were Read more...

Fresher Simulator: O-Week

Posted 5:26pm Sunday 26th February 2023 by Lotto Ramsay

1. Welcome (Start here) You’re a fresher (our condolences) arriving at Dunedin airport for the first time ever. You marvel at all the butt-fuck-nowhere around you. Off to collect your luggage! Where did you fly in from, again? A: Auckland (Go to 11) B: Somewhere else (Go to Read more...

Flo and O Party Themes, Reviewed

Posted 6:42pm Sunday 26th February 2023 by Critic

    Monday 13th: Courtyard: Back to School Appropriate for day 1 of parties. Makes sense. Opportunity to wear some kinky outfits.   Eyewitness testimony: Seemed to have the most turnout as a uniform is pretty easy to source. People got sloshed immediately and many Read more...

OPINION: A Decade On, VSM Bill Still Looms Over Students

Posted 3:57pm Friday 1st October 2021 by Elliot Weir

Ten years ago, a controversial bill was voted into law that stripped student associations of their universal funding, leaving their futures in the hands of universities. Ten years on, should the bill be repealed? Centuries ago, in 2009, ACT MP Heather Roy introduced the Voluntary Student Read more...

3000 Holy Sausages Distributed

Posted 4:11pm Sunday 25th July 2021 by Denzel Chung

You know what they say: Give a man a sausage, he eats for a day. Teach a man to grill, and he’ll love Jesus for life. A group of young people from Dunedin churches — mostly students — handed out an estimated 3,000 sausages and 1,000 hash browns, free-of-charge, over Re-O Read more...

KnowYourStuff Tested 161 Drugs During Flo and O

Posted 11:20pm Saturday 13th March 2021 by Erin Gourley

KnowYourStuff tested 161 drug samples during Flo and O Week in Dunedin, according to a preliminary report on their testing service in Dunedin.  This is an increase on samples tested in previous years. During Re O last year, KnowYourStuff tested only 91 samples.  Of the 161 samples, Read more...

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