Otago Degrees and Their Favourite Sex Positions:

Posted 10:02pm Sunday 24th September 2023

No one asked, but here it is. A breakdown of Otago degrees and their favourite sex positions. Use it well.    Using a mix of questionable quantitative and qualitative research methods, Critic Te Ārohi has investigated the correlations between what degrees people take and their Read more...

In the Trenches of Barbie

Posted 2:04pm Monday 7th August 2023

It was a Sunday eve. A slight drizzle sprinkled the still, cold air. Civilians strolled around the Octagon. Armed with their e-tickets and pink uniforms, Barbie militia were beginning to mark their territory. Little did it know, Rialto Cinema was about to be shell-shocked. Critic sent our slayest Read more...

Vape Laws: A Breath of Fresh Air?

Posted 9:56pm Tuesday 18th July 2023

The other night, I found myself and my five flatmates talking about how bad vaping was and everything the government should be doing to address it – all while we passed around my friend’s big, blue, bubble-shaped vape filled with grape ice juice. “It’s liquid in your Read more...

Drum and Bass: How it took root in Dunedin

Posted 4:05pm Sunday 21st May 2023

In the 1800s, they brought gorse from the UK. Now it’s everywhere. In the 2000s, another import took root in Dunedin’s soil: Drum and Bass. Whether you love to hate it or hate to love it, you can’t deny the fact that drum and bass is at the heart of Dunedin music culture. Read more...

How to Know if You’ve Got The Ick

Posted 11:54am Tuesday 16th May 2023

Part 1 of 2: Understanding the Ick       Understand that getting the ick is not your fault. Society often stigmatises the ick and those who suffer from it. This means it can be easy to believe that you are a bad person. And maybe you are. You might be Read more...

The History of Hyde

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 7th May 2023

25 years ago, it was a couple of mates doing a keg race. Today, the Hyde Street Party is one of the most iconic days of the year. Like fish to water, thousands of costumed students flock to the little street each year to sink piss under the open sky, accompanied by sausage sizzles and the Read more...

Burnt Out

Posted 2:38pm Sunday 23rd April 2023

“Work hard, play hard” works, until it doesn’t. Most of us drink anywhere between 1-4 nights a week, work one or two jobs, and belong to one or two clubs or volunteer groups - all on top of uni. It’s a lifestyle, and we make it work. But students are burning the candle at Read more...

Pick your Poison: Drug Trends in Dunedin

Posted 11:32am Sunday 16th April 2023

The relationship between drugs and Dunedin party culture is probably stronger than your parent’s marriage. But much like fashion and music, taste in drugs has changed over the past few decades. Critic Te Ārohi decided to take a deep dive into Dunedin drug trends over time and ask why some Read more...

2023 Castle Clean-Up Sees a “Whole New Generation” of Volunteers

Posted 3:07pm Sunday 2nd April 2023

Returning for its fourth year, the Castle St clean-up on Friday, March 24, saw around 200 students congregate in the Dunedin sun to participate. Hosted this year by the student-led group Hold Onto Your Friends (HOTYF), the clean-up is aligned with the Sophia Charter, dedicated to Sophia Crestani. Read more...

Dunedin culture: An international perspective

Posted 2:55pm Sunday 2nd April 2023

Now that the Covid monster has been slain (in the eyes of policymakers at least), the borders have opened and Dunedin has welcomed a swarm of international students finally able to fulfil their questionable dreams of studying at Otago. This year, the University has more than 750 international Read more...

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