Wonít Someone Think of the Children?

Posted 9:07pm Sunday 3rd September 2023

Throughout the election cycle, politicians get asked a lot of questions - in the debating chamber, on the tiles outside Parliament, on the TVNZ debate stage, in the RNZ studio, on the side of the road. The sum of these questions can paint a picture of the values and concerns of at least some portion Read more...


Posted 3:26pm Sunday 26th March 2023

[Content warning: Brief discussion of sexual assault and suicidal thoughts.] Georgina Beyer was the world’s first openly trans mayor, among many, many other things. She died earlier this month, but will hold forever an important place in New Zealand (and world) history. Georgina grew up Read more...

Crunch/Time: A methodological analysis of snack texture over time

Posted 1:32pm Sunday 12th March 2023

Abstract   This study was designed to address the common problem of post-party stale-chippery. Our results suggest that corn- versus potato-based chips de-crunchify at variable rates, and indicate that the safest snacks to leave open overnight are Harvest Snaps, Cornados, Snakachangi Read more...

The (Sea) Lionís Share

Posted 7:04pm Sunday 26th February 2023

New Zealand sea lions are the rarest sea lions on the planet today. But after being wiped out on the mainland, rāpoka are making a dramatic comeback to Aotearoa - and Ōtepoti Dunedin is one of the best places to enjoy their company.   Often known as rāpoka in te reo Read more...

Whatís Up With Student Health?

Posted 1:45pm Saturday 24th September 2022

Underfunded and understaffed, Student Health Services is buckling under the pressure. Students say they’re “rushed in and rushed out” and “feel like [they’re] going to get screwed over every time”. Many have given up on Student Health Services altogether. There Read more...

Why the cops arenít chasing the biggest theft in the country

Posted 7:49pm Sunday 18th September 2022

What do you think of when you think of theft? Maybe you think of car theft. Maybe you think of an elderly woman having her purse snatched on the street. Maybe you think of someone shoplifting at a grocery store. Maybe your mind turns to the ram raids dominating headlines in recent months. Maybe Read more...

The Immigration Recalibration: what's changed (and what hasn't) for international tauira

Posted 7:06pm Friday 5th August 2022

From this month, international tauira (students) can once again move to Aotearoa to study, work, and host the best parties on campus. But with recent changes to immigration policies making it harder to stay after graduating, and with tough barriers for anyone with health needs, will the long flight Read more...

Which Dunedin-Filmed Movie Should You Watch?

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 31st July 2022

Not sure what it is about broken glass and burning vistas that attract film crews, but people sometimes decide to shoot their movie here. And that’s… certainly a decision they can make. While Wellington might be the film capital of the country, Dunedin has had its fair share of moments Read more...

Sold Down the River: Whatís Going On With the ORC?

Posted 1:55pm Sunday 31st July 2022

Air quality breaching national standards, in towns where coal is still commonly burned in houses; a rabbit plague “as bad as it has ever been” after years of no rabbit control; an understaffed public transportation system, mired by reduced bus timetables and no-shows. The Otago Regional Read more...

All Buses Stay Half-Price as Services Slashed By 30%

Posted 6:02pm Monday 25th July 2022

Bus fares in Ōtepoti Dunedin will remain at a dollar until January 31 next year, thanks to the Government extending their half-price public transport scheme. A more urgent problem is emerging, however: a driver shortage that is leading to sweeping service cancellations, causing grief for Read more...

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