Arise Church Responds To Critic After Ghosting Other Journalists, Begins Independent Review

Posted 10:15am Tuesday 12th April 2022

Arise Church has sent a lengthy statement, written by a PR company, responding to allegations of abuse. The detailed statement came to us after enquiries sent by a high-profile journalist were initially ignored. Pastor John Cameron has since stated that he is “broken and devastated by these Read more...

Hidden Barriers: Accessibility at Uni and across North Dunedin

Posted 1:38pm Saturday 9th April 2022

Guy Fieri once said, "we're riding the bus to Flavortown". Except in this case, Flavortown is North Dunedin, and the bus we're meant to be riding didn’t even show up.  For many, barriers to accessibility make getting around Flav-, sorry, North Dunedin, more difficult Read more...

Multi-Million Dollar Church Reportedly Tells Students to Donate their Course-Related Costs

Posted 1:36am Saturday 9th April 2022

Journalist and documentary filmmaker David Farrier has published an exposé of Arise Church. The piece alleges exploitation of their interns and attendees, including an account from an Otago Uni student who attended their Dunedin branch. Arise Church is one of the largest churches in Read more...

Predicting Oscar Winners with my Covid Iso

Posted 5:50pm Sunday 27th March 2022

As one of the many annoying film people working at Critic Te Arohi, I found myself obligated to pass judgement on who I think will win the upcoming Oscars. I couldn’t fit all 24 categories here, so I’ve cut out the acting awards, the short films, and a few others. I am also writing this Read more...

Insert fear-mongering anti-dope slogan here

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 20th March 2022

Ever wanted to stage, (and then lose), a poorly-thought-out war on plants? Ever wanted to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a publicity stunt that leads absolutely nowhere? Ever wanted to disenfranchise an entire swath of the population at the drop of a hat? Well, then this is the quiz for you. Read more...

World Music Assignment Ridiculed for “Unholy” Font Choice

Posted 12:45pm Sunday 13th March 2022

First-year music students studying MUSI104 (World Music) were given an assignment designed to help students in the class get to know one another better for an upcoming group project on the first of March. The assignment was pretty straightforward, but students were taken aback when the eight page Read more...

How did you get Covid?

Posted 4:42pm Sunday 6th March 2022

Everyone knows that your current outfit and legal name can predict your susceptibility to viruses, so here’s a quick and easy way to forecast the future of your immune system. Colour of Your Top + Star sign + Third letter of first name  = How you got Covid Colour of the top Read more...

The Moral Alignment of OUSA’s Clubs and Socs

Posted 4:40pm Sunday 6th March 2022

Clubs day couldn’t be held this year, so we thought we’d help you out by sorting all the clubs in one convenient table. Whether you’re trying to fit in, trying to find friends, or trying to join the froth, there’s a club for you. All participating clubs have supplied their Read more...

Fringe Sports for a Fringe Town

Posted 3:14pm Sunday 6th March 2022

Many students have grown tired of dragging themselves to Unipol and have instead taken up one of the many “new” sports that have become increasingly popular and accessible in the last two years. Critic talked to people involved in these rising stars of the Dunedin sports scene to find Read more...

From Communes to Councils: Sitting Down With Mayor Tim

Posted 3:12pm Sunday 27th February 2022

Sir Tim Shadbolt, Mayor of Invercargill, celebrated his 75th birthday last week. Critic Te Arohi travelled to the mighty city down South to interview the man who has been a mayor longer than anyone else in New Zealand history. From a legacy steeped in parties, protests, and poems to council Read more...

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