Which Dunedin Student Archetype Are You?

Which Dunedin Student Archetype Are You?


Probably called Josh, Luke or Tom

A feen for the sesh

Has four true loves: gear, D&B, piss, and the boys.

Doesn’t fear God



Owns at least one pair of Nom*D socks

Spotted at either Kiki Beware, Aika, or RdC

“What gigs are on this weekend?”

Has a tattoo of some kind of flower or plant


Fucking Nerd

Actually cares about their studies

Wears their hall leavers jersey in public

Probably studies Science

Has made countless submissions to UoO Meaningful Confessions about Law kids studying in the Science Library



Will represent OUSSC till they die

A slut for $3 lunch

Loves the heavy weights room of UniPol

Probably studies Geography



Dabbles in fire dancing

Smells like the inside of Yaks ‘n’ Yeti’s, except grosser

Will invite you to their vegan potluck

Barely wears shoes

White person with dreads


Annoying Art Kid

Was probably in Capping Show, or an Allen Theatre lunchtime performance

Argues with the lecturer


“Don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee”

Pays thousands of dollars a year to try and figure out what the word “dialectic” means


“Not like other students”

Owns either a Kanken backpack or Doc Martens

Has either recently cut/dyed their hair or gotten a nose piercing

Goes to a party just to educate people on ‘real music’

Self-deprecating memes


Second Floor Library Girl

Goes to a lecture just to browse PrincessPolly, Shopbop or Designer Wardrobe 

Just bought their tickets for RnV

Always poses for photos with one arm sticking out

Goes to Hussey & Laredo just for the hot dudes who work there

This article first appeared in Issue 14, 2019.
Posted 11:21pm Thursday 4th July 2019 by Critic.