Dunedin Gig Venues

Dunedin Gig Venues

A Love Story, in Verse

how is it so steezy for you
to be so acquainted with dunedin venues he asked
pills and durries hung
from my lips as i answered
‘cause dunedin venues have
been steezy to me

no one told me how 
student bar shut-downs 
translate to grief
my lips search for yours 
in every pint of offcuts
if you were mine 
for one more night
i would dance within your walls
as if it were my first time
doing lines in the catacombs bathroom

where will i go for a beer tower now?
-  r.i.p. starters bar 

i want to apologise to all the women
i have met in the pint night line
who i followed on instagram
and promised to meet for coffee
omg your top is so cute
i would say
all i was trying to do
was have a hoon on your vape
- u-bar

is it worth it
putting up with arrogant soft boys
whose music taste is better than yours?
for the best smoke spot in town
- dive

don't flinch too hard
as you test your craft beer
a hops-stricken tongue recoils
you’d rather have this
bitter reminder
than have nothing at all
- dog with two tails

i can handle myself in a mosh
famous last words
of the beanpole third year
who missed the only band on the lineup he knew
because he only shows up early to u-bar
who took ketamine
in a crowd purely rinsed on proletariat rage
good thing the shrieks of the lead vocalist
are louder than his screams
as a goth girl stomps her doc-clad foot 
on his precious little nikes
-  the crown

you are only here
at sunday evening jazz
because you are dating someone who wears fedoras
or meeting with your sugar daddy
please let it be the second
either way
a retired man will hit on you
- inchbar

in a sea of rat moustaches
you are the fourth headlining
drum and bass dj
- Union Hall 


i breathe
you breathe
we all
- castle street courtyard party

This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2022.
Posted 2:42pm Sunday 24th April 2022 by Jamiema Lorimer .