Sexcellent | Issue 26

Sexcellent | Issue 26

Just the tips

Seeing as it’s the end of the year, I thought I might impart some sex advice to you all on how to have a good, healthy sex life. 

1) Get to know yourself

You need to know yourself, what you like and what you don’t like, your turn ons and turn offs. Perhaps you’re really into a particular position, don’t like dirty talk, but love a good spanking. Everyone is different, no one body is the same. There are no rules about what turns you on, so take some time to figure out what floats your boat. On top of this, especially women, you need to know your own body, what feels good and what doesn’t. How can you tell someone else what they need to do to your body specifically, if you have no idea yourself? 

2) Always talk to your sexual partner/s

Seriously, I don’t care if it’s a casual thing, a one night stand, high school sweetheart or your lifelong partner. You need to talk to them about what you want from them sexually. If you aren’t in the mood, tell them. If you’re not into what they’re doing, don’t just deal with it, talk to them about it. Give positive reinforcement when they’re doing something that works. People don’t just magically know just how to make someone else feel good - it takes time and experience with that body, and who has more experience than yourself? You do know best. 

3) Practice safe sex

Always use protection. The more forms the merrier. Condoms and dental dams to protect from infection; the pill, spermicide and IUDs to prevent pregnancy. I cannot emphasise how important this is. While protection isn’t 100 percent perfect, it will likely save you a lot of harm and stress down the road. 

4) Don’t shame people

If you are lucky enough to have sex with someone, don’t then go ahead and shame them for their bodies, tastes or kinks. For whatever reason it’s considered hilarious to make fun of people for kinks. I can’t tell you how many jokes I’ve heard about foot fetishes at this point. If you’re not into a fetish that your partner is, then tell them, but just don’t be an asshole about it.

5) Use Lube!

Finally, always use lube. Lube is great. It’s magical, even. Makes penetration better, doesn’t hurt, can taste nice, and can even provide tingles if you get the right stuff. Why wouldn’t you use lube?

Have fun, be safe, and enjoy a great, sexy summer

This article first appeared in Issue 26, 2016.
Posted 12:03pm Saturday 8th October 2016 by Sexcellent.