Sexcellent | Issue 16

Sexcellent | Issue 16

Getting your kicks from pics

Hey Sexcellent, 

I’m a girl, and I think I have a high sex drive and I really enjoy porn. Is that weird? Is there something wrong with me? 




Heya 2Horny! 

First I am going to say a big loud resounding NO—there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you at all. A lot of people like sex at varying levels and that’s totally fine. Everyone lands on a spectrum of enjoying and not enjoying sex, and if you’re at the end where you really enjoy it, that’s totally okay. Just as it is okay that there are people who don’t enjoy it at all. 

As for pornography, that too is fine. A lot of women enjoy pornography, especially now that there is more and more porn designed to attract women. But even before porn for women, there were always women who found the raunchy films a bit more than exciting. Even women now who don’t like pornography might be getting kicks out of romance and erotica novels (why else was 50 Shades of Grey so popular? Its quality narrative and believable characters? Hah!). 

For a long time there has been a myth floating around that men are more visual, and just naturally enjoy pornography and sex more than women. Along with this myth is the idea that women don’t actually enjoy or desire sex, more that they want something from a man so they use sex. In a lot of media, sex is framed as something women give out and men take/receive/enjoy. As such, most pornography has been catered to the male enjoyment of pornography. When studies were conducted to see if women liked pornography in the '50s, a lot of women said no and a lot of men said yes, because they were thinking about pin up girls. Of course more men enjoyed those images more, this old school masturbatory material was created with hetrosexual  men in mind. So the idea has prevailed, and a lot of porn is still made with men in mind, and people still believe that women don’t like sex and all the associated bits and pieces.

Anyway, history and social lessons aside, you’re totally fine,

you keep doing you,

Love,  -S

This article first appeared in Issue 16, 2016.
Posted 12:04pm Sunday 24th July 2016 by Sexcellent.