Sexcellent | Issue 19

Sexcellent | Issue 19

Hymen 101

Nothing upsets me more than hearing all the various lies about the hymen, and the myths that go along with sex and women as a result. Today, I’m schooling you on the hymen and how it works.

The hymen is a thin membrane of skin situated at the opening of the vagina. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a seal covering the vagina that needs to be broken. It actually only partially covers the vaginal opening. Otherwise how would menstrual blood and vaginal fluids escape? How would virgins be able to use a tampon? The hymen differs in size from person to person and is capable of stretching to accommodate sexual intercourse and does not need to be broken.

Breaking the hymen can be painful. This is another reason why foreplay is important, stimulating female genitalia with fingers, oral sex, and working up to sheathing phallic objects such as a penis, dildo, vibrator, etc. Use a lot of lube.

Rushing into penetrative vaginal sex, not using lube, and the person not being comfortable and relaxed can likely lead to the hymen breaking (although not every time!). It’s unfortunate that it is considered normal, or a part of the natural sexual experience for the first time women have penetrative sex that it’s painful and involves blood.

The existence of an intact hymen is not a sign of virginity, nor is a broken hymen a sign of sexual activity. The hymen can be broken doing things like horse riding, exercise, etc. The hymen may also never break over a woman’s life. The connection to hymen and penetrative sex is arbitrary and pointless.

Please, go forth, enjoy sex, and don’t spread harmful myths based on a by-gone understanding of female anatomy.

This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2016.
Posted 4:49pm Monday 15th August 2016 by Sexcellent.