Me Love You Long Time | Issue 18

Me Love You Long Time | Issue 18


Can’t say I’m nervous as I get dressed for the evening, of course the flaties help me. As I walk down the road to the bar I wonder who I’ll meet. Well I turn up 49 minutes early because being fashionably early is in these days. Finally I go into the bar, grab a seat and wait. I wait 15 minutes, not cause she is late, but because I’m early. I’m on the look out. I receive one last piece of txt advice from the flaties. And then she walks in, nice and with an easy stride. We quickly meet and greet, soon we’re talking.

And what do you know, a Phyz Ed student with a great personality. Can’t say I’m surprised that we hit it off so good, no obvious awkward moments, and soon we talk up a storm. The meal comes and goes as we go through our movie preferences and things we like, having left things like what we want to see and do over garlic bread. The fish in well cooked and the chips taste good as we go through our food. Soon it’s 9:30 and we’re close to dessert, but we know so much, now for the more personal things like favorite color and exotic animal.

Over too soon, we finish but decide to walk home together, discussing another topic we enjoy, ‘How I met your mother’ which soon has us laughing in fits. We keep walking and talking, as topics like actors and plays pass our lips and all too soon we’re parting ways, I ask the question of the evening, but no romance seems to be on the horizon, the ship of friendship is going strong. So thanks Critic for setting me up with such an awesome girl, hope we met again but in the mean time remember to pat your boy’s ‘proud patch’ and I hope we can find the answers to life’s questions in the fridge. So thanks for the laughs and all that.

To the girl with the blond hair,
I hope we met again,
To talk about all things cats and cows,
And hate the americans so proud,
So I hope I did well to please both sight and smell,
Because I do so wish to met again so well,
So remember to not pat pink ponies in boats.


So the evening started with my beautiful flatmates assisting me to get ready for my date in only 35 minutes! One of them asked me if I was going to have any pre-drinks but I flagged and said I’d wing it. Then one of those fab chicks dropped me off outside – fashionably late of course. I walked into the dimly lit Metro and got directed to his table just a few metres away. I sat down and we introduced ourselves. Conversation was pretty good – we definitely covered a diversity of subjects. I ordered a red wine to get me started as from our meeting I knew this was going to be a sensible night. As the evening went on I believe both of us were on the same wavelength that all this date was going to bring on was friendship due to most of our interests and attractions being quite opposite – with myself basically living and breathing sports and him having a great interest in sci-fi.

He was also first year which was a little bit of a shock – considering I was third year, but I got over that. We just yarned and sharned till our main meals came out – which were delicious (I’d been looking forward to pizza all day nomnomnom!). The Bar Maids were great and allowed us to use this rest of the bar tab on food instead of drinks so we each got a dessert – which I didn’t even expect them to have on the menu, topping off an excellent meal and good conversation. As we left the bar the Bar Maid said cheekily “Have a good night!” – it was as if she was a real life Tui billboard – yeah right I thought in my head, what you’re thinking isn’t going to happen lady (get cho mind out of the gutter). We’re definitely in the friend’s zone. We both lived up the same end of town and as we walked we continued to question each other on abstract subjects which were surprisingly fun. When we were about to go our separate ways he asked “So do you think there’s an attraction here?” to finalise what we had been thinking all night out loud, I chuckled and said “No, I think we would be best to be friends”. The date ended there, even though it was unsuccessful in getting me back into the relationship game, it felt good to get back out there with those intentions.
This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2012.
Posted 2:15pm Sunday 29th July 2012 by Lovebirds.