Presidential Column | Issue 6

Presidential Column | Issue 6

Garoo Scarfies,

Fucking tits Iím busy this week. Iíve been getting my campaign to win the two seats on University Council for myself and my Vice-President Jono off the ground so that we can move some mountains. Weíve done a heap of awesome work on Council so far this year with us both already holding the two Council seats so are going to bring it on home for yaís! Keep an eye out for it in a few weeks time.

What a week, all the Hyde St debriefs, even some Ori debriefs still going on figuring how we can do more mean events and also include the essentials getting to grips with uni stuff too.

On the ol Hyde St chat I better clear up a few things, issues you should probably ponder if itís going to go ahead next year...

What went well:
  • Hyde St residents being awesome
  • Glass ban (thanks guys, you rock)
  • Police, St John, OUSA staff and volunteers
  • Red Frogs and Are You OK? They deserve their own bullet point
  • The majority being awesome and having an epic time
  • Road closure

What didnít go well according to the world:
  • Roof climbers really let the day down, fucked off the powers that be and broke themselves. Argh!
  • A few freshers getting waaaay too pissed
  • Liquor stores still selling to the munted

Ideas about how to do it next year:
  • Limit numbers, each flat gets a certain number to aid in control
  • Gold coin to help cover costs or give to charity
  • Keep the glass ban
  • Students only

Just a few ideas and hey itís still fresh in your mind so have a think.

Also maybe you wanna give back a little? Weíve got a volunteer week after the Easter Break, it could be as simple as giving a can to our Dunedin food bank drive, we want to beat the staff so please please please give us a bit so we can waste them! There are also a range of quick short volunteering opportunities around Dunedin, and a few larger ones where we can get a group boofing some work for something awesome. Do it, come on be a Super Scarfie, join the karma army!

Love, Logan

P.S. The first ever ANZAC day on campus is coming soon so Iíll keep an ear to the ground for that one.
This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2012.
Posted 7:07pm Sunday 1st April 2012 by Logan Edgar.