Presidential Column | Issue 3

Presidential Column | Issue 3

Hey Gang,

One big number item for Logz to inform you lot of this week,

Last week I spent an afternoon going door to door down Hyde St. I informed students of a little party that is set to take place on their street on the 24th of the month (surprise). I wanted to do this because there were many uncertainties of what the Hyde St Keg Parties fate would be after all the Dunedin City Council’s recent chat about a Liquor Ban. After a few early pre-O-Week meetings about this between myself, police, and the proctor’s office it was decided that if OUSA could come to the table and ‘facilitate’ the day then the event could happen in the same capacity as 2011. ‘Facilitate’ what does this mean I hear you ask? Well simply we are supplying; A BBQ (Fuck yea free grub with sight of your Student ID), Porta-Loos (Oh mean no one’s going to poo in my flats backyard), First Aid (Just in case), Putting in a road closure on both Hyde St but also Albany St (Fucking Legitbro!!!). As well as sorting a 6pm closing time and organising the assistance of other volunteer groups to supply water, ice blocks (NOM NOM NOM), etc.

Okay.... But I wanted to go one step further and make the event sustainable for the future. A TOTAL GLASS BAN on the day in my eyes is the step we need to take to keep this fucking ripper of an event on the Scarfie calendar for years to come. In the last few years the emergency room at the hospital was full to boiling point with students who had simply stood on one of the hundred broken bottles that littered the street that day (and that is not good enough guys). I hope that with a glass ban in place we aren’t going to see the same resistance in 2013 about the event because emergency services are going to be relaxed about the risks and practicalities. Now you’ve been warned of the ban so no excuses everyone, tell your mates, GET OFF THE GLASS!

So at the Executive Meeting last week the OUSA Executive set aside decent budget to make it happen and instructed OUSA staff to help make it happen. Please don’t fuck it up for yourselves.

P.s. I will brief you guys again next week on the events latest developments

Both Nervously and Trustingly Yours,

Logan Edgar

This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2012.
Posted 6:37pm Sunday 11th March 2012 by Logan Edgar.