Presidential Column | Issue 5

Presidential Column | Issue 5

Morning all,

Iíve got some very sad news to report unfortunately. You see we here at OUSA have not been the least bit cheery this week as the association has been struck with a death in the family; The death of our colleague Thiago Nazario who worked at the Clubs & Societies centre, and studied in his 2nd year at the University of Otagoís School of Business came as a great shock to this tightknit association. Our condolences to his family, flat mates, girlfriend and all that knew him. Thiagoís death emphasizes how there is so much in our lives that matters only a little when compared to those few things that really do.

Well howís about that Hyde St Party aye? Bloody marvellous (fingers crossed you all behaved), you might have seen me cruising around dressed up as Barrack Obama. Iím always surprised about the costumes and atmosphere on the street at the event and want to thank everyone who supported the event. I also want to thank my own crew at OUSA for getting behind my crazy person idea and stepping in to help facilitate the eventís needs.

Nek crazy but brilliant idea: Iím currently organizing an ANZAC Day service to happen on campus on the day. Itís never been done before and I think it feckin well needs to. Long gone are the hippie days of flower power and spray paint that would have previously seen the day impractical to host out front of the University Clocktower. I now see it purely as a day for celebrating comradery, national pride and honouring those that gave their lives so we can fail tourism and sip on an ol scarfy Diesel.

In closing I would like to welcome onto my executive following last weekís By-Election; Jono Rowe my new Vice-President. Juana Diesing my new Colleges Officer. Angus McDonald my new Campaigns Officer and Ding Ding my new International Officer. Iím looking forward to working with each of you this year, Itís going to be a fucking ripper!

Logan Edgar
This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2012.
Posted 4:26pm Sunday 25th March 2012 by Logan Edgar.