OUSA Election Report Details Complaints of Discounted Chocolates, Harassment, and Media Bias

Posted 11:04am Sunday 8th October 2017 by Joe Higham

The OUSA Executive Elections had their fair share of controversy, and although Critic promised that we’d stopped talking about it, we lied. That’s because Kyla Mullen, OUSA’s Returning Officer for the election, has released her report, detailing the complaints she received and Read more...

Keeping tabs on the Exec | Issue 24

Posted 10:37am Sunday 24th September 2017 by Joe Higham

The executive, who were joined by several of the successful candidates from the recent election, began with their ‘Executive Quick Round Up’. OUSA President Hugh Baird mentioned he has attended several important meetings recently, including with the Proctor and Dunedin City Council, the Read more...

Editorial | OUSA Finds Itself At a Crossroads, and It’s Down to You to Decide the Route

Posted 10:25am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Joe Higham

During the OUSA Executive Election Forums that were held last week there emerged a clear division in the ideological outlook and approach held by the candidates in the hope of bringing about institutional change. That division was between those intent on working with the university to bring about Read more...

OUSA Presidential Forum Roundup: No Confidence Takes Decisive Lead in Opinion Polls

Posted 10:38am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Joe Higham

The OUSA Executive Election Forums that were held last week provided a slightly larger and more invested crowd than usual, and a surprising amount of insight and conflict. Predictably, given the lack of advocacy by this year’s executive, all of the candidates pledged to increase their level Read more...

What Do the Presidential Candidates Actually Represent?

Posted 10:50am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Joel MacManus

Justice Through Solidarity: Old School Radicals Pres Candidate: both Monique Mulholland and Angus Wilson These guys are a throwback to radical student activism of the 1980s. The lovechild of a last-minute union between socialists and feminists, they are peculiarly running two presidential Read more...

Please Stop Electing Unqualified White Guys

Posted 10:43am Sunday 10th September 2017 by Sam McChesney

In Iron Fist, Marvel’s tone-deaf TV show about mighty-whitey kung-fu billionaire Danny Rand, Rand gives a monologue about how he came to be the Iron Fist: “When I got to the monastery post-crash, I learned of a certain position. A powerful, important job and I wanted it … The Read more...

Hugh Baird wins OUSA Presidential Election by a landslide, as 4 out of 5 ‘Your Voice’ candidates are successful

Posted 9:57am Saturday 24th September 2016 by Joe Higham

The ‘Hugh Baird for President’ ticket has won both the Presidential and the Administrative Vice-President’s seats by a landslide, as fellow presidential candidates Lark Hare and Hashmat Lafraie struggled, coming in equally 14 percent behind Baird. The ‘Hugh Baird for Read more...

Presidential Election Forum

Posted 10:32am Saturday 17th September 2016 by Joe Higham

The OUSA Election Forums that ran last week, were a chance for students to hear what the candidates running for the 2017 OUSA Executive are pledging to do if they are elected. Hugh Baird is the editor of Critic*, and is running on the ‘Hugh Baird for President’ ticket alongside Read more...

‘Your Voice’ posters torn down

Posted 10:37am Saturday 17th September 2016 by Joel MacManus

The ‘Your Voice’ ticket, led by Presidential candidate Lark Hare in the OUSA election, has had 28 of their campaign posters around campus torn down, largely those in the Castle Lecture Theatres, according to Bryn Jenkins, who is the Your Voice candidate for Education Officer. He says it Read more...

Ding Ding Valiantly Resists Dream Team Whitewash

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 25th March 2012 by Callum Fredric

Not since The Beatles visited our sunny shores has Critic been so excited. The OUSA by-election results were announced at 4:30pm on Wednesday March 21, to the joy of the “Dream Team” and the dismay of No Confidence’s loyal fans. Jono Rowe strolled into the Administrative Vice President role Read more...

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